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I Need a Trainer


Making myself "do" the right thing is by far easier said than done...
And whats worse is I can't afford one!
Really hard not to sound like a whiner, so I'll just stop now.


man up


Well gee why didn't "I" think of that???
Thank you soooo much Wil, whatever would I do without you?


bye then


Dude there are a lot of trainers out there that are not worth the sweat of your own nuts, let alone a dollar.

I mean your complaining to a group of people that "do" right by themselves by choice, all the time, without some queer in wind pants back patting and ass kissing for a dollar.

If you can't do it, quit. Fuck it. No one is holding a gun to your head. You live in America, use the freedom your forefathers gave you and make a choice.

But for god sakes (and i think this is what wilmernuts was getting at) grow a fucking set and lift, or sit the fuck home in your computer chair. Either way stop bitching and moaning and make something out of what you have.


Hey, this statement is why people are giving you flak.

When you hear terms like 'man up' and 'grow a pair', what is really trying to be communicated is:

Take a look around. See all of the overweight, lazy, apathetic people that literally lower the overall potential of the human race? You won't find them here.

Man, this here is an all out war. The transition from low energy living to energetic supremecy takes special motivation and a fuckton of gumption to accomplish. You'll find that the standard laws of inertia do apply however.

You don't need money, you don't need a trainer, you don't need the latest and greatest gym, and what you can't do is approach this with the same casual swagger you might take when you are deciding which movie to go watch this Friday.

What you need is a mindset that is bulletproof. Uncompromising, unforgiving, brute force goal crushing willpower.

Educate, execute. Anything that gets between you and those goals has to go, even if that might be your lazy apathetic side that really seems to have its hooks in.

From time to time, I have definately had to 'man up, grow a set', and tell that little whiney, pathetic voice that rears up sometimes to sit and spin.

Goddamn right... sit and spin.


Countingbeans is right, Steve8867. Be productive with your time instead of sitting on the computer whining to us. "Sweat eventually hardens to muscle." If you reeeaaally want the gains, and muscle, then I believe you know what to do. Save your money on the trainer, get motivated and get to the gym!

Dissonance has good information read that over a few times.


You might consider, instead of a trainer, a training partner.

A good training partner is tons more valuable than a "personal trainer". He can compete with, motivate, and spot you. Find a friend close to your level and get them to work out with you. And be a kick-ass training partner to him, too.