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I Need a Stack for Body Fat Loss and Lean Gains


As a crossfitter i know that the basis of any great results are diet first followed by exercise.

So i'm doing the zone/paleo diet and its working well.

Here's the problem ive hit a plateu in my physique and cant drop below 210lbs. I work hard and this fat thats on me is old fat from my obese days in middle school.

what supplements can help me with this?

i was referred to try mass fx, lean fx, stimulant x, and trisorbagen.

i'm 6ft 1in 212lbs do crossfit 4-5 days a week and krav 1x a week and mma 3x a week.

like i said my diet is great and checked by a nutritionist.

this fat is stunting my social life with females. so i need some help.

thank you.


HOT-ROX. I absolutely adore the shit. if I drive after taking it though I end up going way too fucking fast, so I definitely don't take any right before I have to drive.


i actually tried HOT-ROX and it did nothing for me.

im not that into thermogenics.

anything else?


Honestly, if you're doing about 8hrs of intense exercise (crossfit, krav, mma), you should try another nutritionist. Maybe your diet isn't as great as you think it is. Good luck.


You lost me with I do crossfit. Cross fit is for dummies.


well i thank you for your opinion on crossfit.

i told my nutritionist my activities and she said that the zone diet/paleo diet im following is fine and that all i'd need to do is possibly increase the good fats and protein.


So you're not losing weight and she wants you to inrease calories. Did I read that correctly? The only way that that could possibly make sense would be if you were DRAMATICALLY under-eating.


Slightly off topic, but Ghostice have you ever done the famous '300' challenge?


Yeah it originatedfrom the crossfit coaches that taught the actors. Now its one of our benchmark routines.


How long have you been dieting? If it's been a while, then a diet break is probably what you need. How much are you eating right now? You said you're not into thermogenics, is it because of the buzz or because they don't do anything for you? Have you tried an EC stack?


Crossfit is probably not the best way to build muscle mass, but in terms of fat loss, it's probably one of the most brutal workouts you can do.


Have you tried carb cycling? That shit works wonders! There's an post about carb cycling for mma athletes on the combat sports forum. Give it a look.

Also, I've noticed a WHOLE bunch of people claim they "helped" or "invented" the 300 workout. Seems like you should do more MMA and LESS crossfit.

I'm surprised that nobody has addressed your activity level possibly exceeding your calorie intake to the point that your body is holding on to it's fat. Even if that's not the case it always seems like that last bit is always a bitch to get off. Just have to keep trying new things and be patient.


Beershoes, I believe Taufiq hinted at that. It was my first inclination, as well. I would think TS needs a refeed.


Don't you just hate it how all the guys in cross-fit that are also in mma but a fat 212 never get laid?

This is like the tenth post this week!


HOT-ROX, fewer carbs, lots of exercise.

It's very simple, stick with it.

Weight gain/loss is the simplest thing in the world. Eat more carbs if you want to gain, eat fewer carbs if you want to lose. That's it.