I need a routine that lasts 2 weeks...

Hi, i was the dave that posted about improving chins, if anyone is confused with the other dave…
Well, i have been on nightshift at the grocery store for about 2 months now, and i told them 2 more weeks and i’m off, my question is, i tried working out a few times, which i did, but then i was just too tired to keep it going, the routine that is. I do plenty of lifting at work, but obviously thats different…i was just wondering if i could do a basic chin program or mess around with the mass building exercises for 2 weeks, then start my real program. How does this sound just for doing for 2 weeks, i’m going to really try and do every workout, i’ll just have to sleep right when i get home and try to wake up around 4pm. here it is,
Chins, varrying in different grips narrow,medium, and wide [6 sets of 4] keep in mind i can’t do much, so hopefully, if i do it this way i can build up, and i’ll take the advice i got and do isometric reps on the last reps.
Bench Press [2 sets of 10]
Military Press [3 sets of 8]
Dumbbell curl [2 sets of 8]
Squat [3 sets of 10]
Is this ok for 2 weeks, or well it screw up my program for the few weeks after, i just want to get off to a fresh start, for these 2 weeks of nights at work, i want to really workout.
I’m going to be getting a new job at a warehouse, the week after nights, hopefully working out will help me at this job, since its tough work. Thanks for any response!