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I Need A Pulling Harness


Well im 17 years old, rising senior in highschool, and I need to get stronger.

I want to start working out with a pull harness like they do in strongman competitions, BUT harnesses cost alot.

My question is, is there anyway way i can make one of my own. Like what type of material do i need to use and stuff like that.


Actually it is remarkably easy to make a simply chest harness. All you need is about 8-10 feet of 1" tubular webbing which can be purchased at a climbing store for about $0.25-$0.40 per foot. Then tie the ends together to make a big loop. (Technically a water knot should be used for maximum strength, but for your purposes just make sure you use a secure knot).

Then make an "X" with the loop and put your arms through the two sides of the "X", one arm on each side so the "X" is on your back. Then use a carabiner an clip it over the "X". To pull from the front just reverse it so the "X" is on the front, although this tends to slip off a litte more easily so keep your shoulders back.

Personally I use an 18' length double looped so it is more comfortable, but it really doesn't matter.

It is really simple and the picture will show it better than I can explain. To pull from the back just reverse the way you put it on. And the seat harness isn't necessary, so just use the chest harness shown in this picture:



Why buy what you can produce a crappy version of yourself?


I would say you need a heavy duty sewing machine and some seat belt like material.The pulling harnesess i have seen don't go around your legs as in that diagram either.If you do buy be aware i have sent for a APT pulling harness and have been waiting now for 10 weeks which is ridiculous.I keep getting that crap we'll have it in a couple of weeks.So don't order from them if you do.


1) go to home depot

2) find the saftey equipment

3) buy a safety hrness for 50 bucks ish

4) use that

5) plus it's acute orange color and can tow tons of weight because it is meant fo huge fat fucker workers to fall with. I've seen these things hold a 350lb man up for 1 hour. he was pissed.

have fun



I have one of these. I've used it to pull but it's line of pull is actually meant to be straight UP! Picture falling out of a tree and being suspended upright like in skydiving. When you pull (as in a sled or vehicle) it crushes the nads to a large degree!

I am making one out of a fire hose. And as firefighter will attest, the hoses are FLAT like pancake when not full of high-pressure water. Ususally you can get these for free. Cut into appropriate lengths, you can fold the cut end over itself and drill it to put 3/8x1" bolts with larger "fender" washers to attach the "shoulder" pieces to the "waist" or "belt" pieces.

I'm going to make the "X" with 4' lengths and bolt it to a 40" length for the waist portion. Make sense?


You only need the chest part, just ignore the lower body in the diagram. The simple loop with an "X" in your back should work for most people and can be constructed for around $10.



Call me old fashioned but I just use a plane rope about an inch thick.

You can train using three variations:

1) just sling it over one shoulder

2) tie a single loop at the end and pull the sled using both arms behind the body

3) or you can tie a double loop at the end and place your arms through the loops over the shoulder and pull it that way



I just tite the sled lower around the harness and don't really do up the leg bits. you can also not put the leg bits on and tie the rope to them.



I'm an idiot and so I responded in the "poor man's pulling harness" thread, but heres the idea again...

Look into getting a full body climbing harness and modify it to make it more comfortable for straight pulling. I know a few people that have done this and say it works great.


A full body climbing harness will usually cost as much if not more than a Strongman type pulling harness. Although a climbing/rescue type chest harness is designed to work in conjuction with the seat harness, you could try to modify it for pulling.

An example is this Yates harness for around $30.


Ok, then that... I wasn't sure how it worked, but I know I have seen full body harnesses for around $50.


For arouond $10 you can buy a pulling harness made for deer hunters to drag out their deer.

They are found at Cabela's, BassPro, Dicks and many other places that sell hunting supplies.


Now THAT is inovatve! Great idea! I wish I had come up with that.


Well i was really thinking about buying some really strong rope from home depot. I want it to go around my shoulders, but what way do i need to tie it or loop it to make it work?


This might be the greatest idea I have ever heard.


Our track team wasn't very well funded and we used old tires with a chain around our waist.


I see a lot of good ideas for putting together a nice pulling harness, but has anyone figured out a good way to hook one of these up to a car or would any of these actually be strong enough to do that? I think it is easier with a pick-up truck, but since all I have is a snazzy Nissan Altima, I am trying to figure out how to get a harness I can hook up to that.


most cars should have tow hook in the front of the car under the front bumber.


We have two IronMind Harnesses (M,L)and they are great.
One thing I used to do before we had the harnesses was just attaching the rope to my lifting belt.
Worked well for us.

Also we have found pulling a sled or something similar works great for training for the truck pull event. mainly because it's tougher to drag a heavy sled. Granted truck pulls can be tough but the hardest part is getting the vehicle to roll.

Hope this helps,
Tony Soucie