I Need a Plan....

Ok before the problem, here are the stats:

Age 20; Height 5ft 8; Weight 12st 6lbs (174lbs); Body Fat - guess 20-25%

Last summer I dropped 22lbs over about 8 weeks and kept it off for 9months but I have gradually put it back on. I went on Atkins and did HIIT for 30mins on the treadmill six times a week.

The results I got were fantastic I have quite broad shoulders and I felt that my frame had lost a lot of muscle and I had a four pack I looked really good and thin.

This time round I want to once again really reduce my frame to the same point; but this time I want some muscles beneath it. I’m going for the lean look but I want some solid stuff to show through.

So from what I understand I need to:

  1. Lose the fat
  2. Lose some muscle
  3. Sculpt the muscle left

I have three months and will do anything. I can control my diet fully and am determined to do this. I need help with diet and a workout plan. I am a member of a gym and I can work out whenever necessary (i.e. twice a day)

Please help!



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