i need a new watch

i’ve loved the ironman for the last six or seven years, but it’s time for a new sport watch. what do youall reccomend, and is there a good online store? any thoughts are welcome. thanx.

If you’re okay with dropping some coin on a good watch, Suunto has some great ones that include things like altitude tracking and such. But if you’re staying on the cheaper end (the Ironman line has expanded significantly), the I-control is interesting (my wife got one for me). Uses a ring around the bezel to change functions, rather than buttons.

The new Ironman is a sweet watch. I have a very trusted and durable G-shock which also has alot of basic funcitons. If you want something cheaper than a Suunto but still has similar bells and whistles, try the Casio Triple Sensor Compas Solar. Its about $180 ($250-$400 cheaper than Suunto) buychoice.com is just one of the many where you can check out the aforementioned.

to me, both class and utility for a “sports watch” is the Movado SE (sports edition).