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I Need a New Diet


Looking to do a new diet. Due to heart palpitations there will be NO supps involved this time. I am currently doing the atkins (lost around 30 the past 9 weeks). Need a change away from the high fats + cholestrol that comes with Atkins.

Any suggestions?


T-Dawg 2.0 is good. I haven't tried much else, besides the V-Diet, and I don't suggest that for casual dieters.


Stay with low carbs/high fats, but eat good fats, it aint rocket science man.


Why not just pick up copy of Precision Nutrition and learn how to eat for the rest of your life.

The pnly way to fail with PN is if you don't follow it.


Have you seen a physician to determine the cause of your Palpitations? High protein- Low carb diets can be very very dehydrationg for some people, and that could cause some irritability of your heart. How is your hydration status?