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I Need a Lawyer

Hey T-Peeps,

Some of you may remember from my post at Christmas that my father passed away in November. Anyway, since there were “problems with his care” at the hospital a review was undertaken. Today was the day when we got to sit down with the hospital top brass and talk about the results. Needless to say, they were trying their best to cover their asses, and didn’t tell us anything we hadn’t already determined from the charts. After talking with the rest of his family we’ve decided we’re going to take legal action.

The question now is…How do we choose a lawyer? What type of lawyer? What makes someone a good lawyer? AND…if you know a suitable lawyer a name would me great. Just for reference, we are in Canada (about 1 hour west of Toronto).

Below I’ve included an earlier post I made with details on the situation.

Thanks for you help.

Previous post:

As some of you may know, I lost my father on November 25th of this year. After 14 months of misdiagnosed back pain my dad was rushed to the hospital in unbelievable pain. Despite a high white blood cell count the internist medically cleared him and he was admitted to psychiatry. The diagnosis was that he was sufferring from somatic delusions (i.e., the pain was in his head). They took him off all pain medications except for a tylenol every four hours and let him lie there in agony. When I visited my dad he told me that he was scared and that he was dying. He told me that he was rotting inside and that he was slowly shutting down. I assured him that all was fine. He hugged me the tightest I’ve ever been held and said “I love you Mark”. This was the last time I heard those words from my dad.

A week later his heart failed and he was admitted to the intensive care unit. They discovered that his bowel had lost its blood supply and been rotting for the whole time. His kidneys shut off and his heart had stopped. After a week of fighting my dad finally lost his battle.

I want to thank my dad openly for making me the man I am today. I want to thank him for teaching me the things I know and for instilling in me the qualities that make me a true T-man. Dad, it is because of you that I am the person I am. I want to tell him that I love him. The sad truth is that I’ll never get to tell him this.

All I ask is that this Christmas, while you have the chance, take the day off and tell everyone how you feel about them. There may not be a tomorrow.

I love you Dad. Merry Christmas!

Hey Kinetix,
I’m sorry to hear about your father’s passing. My condolences to you and your family.
I wish I knew more specific things or names to reccomend but I can tell you a few generalities.

  1. get someone who specializes in medical malpractice, and 2. does the majority of their business in the major city (i’m assuming this was in a reasonably large city) that the incident occurred.
    forgive me if both of these seem like no-brainer’s but i do have a lot of experience in the criminal justice field and i’ve seen a number of people get an attorney from another county who may be perfectly competant in their home county but they don’t know the personalities and procedures here and are not very effective. they also usually charge more for leaving their county. i’ve also seen some people who are charged with say driving while intoxicated and they’ll hire some relative or family friend who is a perfectly competant real estate, tax, wills and trusts or whatever attorney and they are doing their client a disservice.
    i wish you the best of luck and feel free to PM me