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I need a job somewhere warm!!!

Well, it’s currently May 3rd and there’s snow on the ground here in Edmonton. That’s right, it snowed last night!!! This is driving me nuts!!!

If anybody knows of a job for a guy with a BPE and some experience in the training/coaching field let me know. The only stipulation is that it has to be somewhere that gets less snow that Edmonton!!!

Sorry about the rant but I’m a little fed-up with this weather, it’s eating into what little summer we get.


You can take a job in Hawaii. There is never any snow on the ground here. Unless you are at 10,000 feet.

Hey, you find me one and I’ll be on your doorstep in two weeks. :wink:

Heck . . . I don’t even care if it pays well, if it covered living expenses and my student loan payments I’d move to Hawaii in a heartbeat. Theh trials riding there must be amazing. . .


Hey, Inuyasha, I’ll be in Hawaii next month. Staying with a friend just outside of Honolulu.

Any suggestions for when I’m there?

STURAT, the only jobs here are some personal training jobs at 24hour fitness and other gyms around Oahu. Kauai sucks for jobs related to fitness. Sorry, DocT I live on Kauai. So I do not know of any good places to train or eat on Oahu.

Alright, now it’s May 4th and snowing and they’ve told us to expect more over the next couple of days this is insane!!!

Seriously, I’ll take any half decent job in a warm climate. Anything that gets me out of this arctic wasteland we call Edmonton.


It was 94 here today with about 60% humidity. You could come pick lettuce.

24 hour fitness eh. . . are they hiring? I can work with that. . .


Stu, still snowing here in Calgary. I know how you feel. I have to keep delaying my track sprinting, which is good, because I’m not looking forward to it.