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I Need a Huge Dumbell Handle. OLY Size


I've found plenty of 20 inch handles online, would these be able to get 200# on them with 10s and/or 25? Anyone have a 20+" handle they would recomend for kroc rows?


I have a pair of 20 inch oly size db handles. I'm not sure what brand they are, I bought them in a store. I can get 4x 25s + 1x 5s per side on them, that's 221 lbs(handle is 11#). Intrestingly enough, I can't get 200#. I can get 181 (3x 25s,1x 10s) 191 (3x25, 1x10, 1x5) 211 (4x25) 221 (4x25,1x5). Basically, you can put up to 4 10s/25s + a 5, but you don't have enough room for 5 10s/25s. Works for me. My guess would be any 20in handle would be about the same. I looked at mine just now but they don't have any manufactures name on them.

If I knew who made them I would recomend them. I'm not sure if this will be any help, but I'll describe them: they're shiny/chrome finish, the sleeves rotate, good knurling, the part you grip is straight/ it doesn't bulge out in the center, they came with metal collars that have like a screw with a bar in them that you kind of screw down for them to stay on, not sure what that kind of collar is called.


Ironmind makes a pair of those that they call "bulldog collars".


I believe these are the handles I bought, amazingly enough, from amazon.

I can fit FOUR 25 lbs plates on each side, so that's 210 lbs each. I can also fit collars on the ends. Good ones, not spring collars. Specifically, the Hampton bulldog collars:


I'm very happy with hour strong they hold to the bar, although the bulldog collars from ironmind are in an insane league of their own. I'd rather have something I can do by hand and not with a wrench, but if you need something that strong, they are made to very high standards.

One question, how are you going to row that much weight?


thanks for the suggestion. My gym's dbs only go to 100 and I've done them for 25 reps without straps already. I need to be able to progress on that lift. It's one of my favorites, plus I feel like my upper back is my weakpoint right now.


one question, wouldn't spring collars let you hold more weight on the bell?


If you are handling that much weight I would definitely use a screw type collar instead of the spring. I was doing presses with just one 25lb plate on each side and they started to slip.


For a temporary solution, you can try duct tape, you can get atleast 20 more lbs. on the DB.