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i need a good hardcore toning workout

i was wondering if any one has a hardcore toning workout that will show fast results. i was fat but then i droped 100 pounds and i cant seem to get any more tone then i am now. does anyone have a good workout.


Yeah…at the very least use words like ‘ripped’ or ‘cut’. By the way, i’d suggest trying Meltdown Training.

dude, you want a beating?
find a new term, and stop being lazy. use the search engine.

hehe, I don’t know but I hear that that abdoer can get you an awesome six pack :wink:

You may have dropped 100lbs, but you’re still a lazy fuck. Read the site before just posting on the forum.

hey go suck your dicks wait that may be a problem for you yes that right guys roids to shrink your ball dont they!!

Hey assholes- Chill out. Some people may not be as hardcore as you are. Sure the words hardcore and toning shouldn’t really be used together, but some people are new to the site. Raging assholes like you guys are what make all of the mainstreamers think that all bodybuilders are angry dickhead juicers.

As for the poster- I would do a search for Don Alessi’s meltdown training article. Dietwise, you may want to look into the Brock Strasser’s fat fast diet. Hope this helps get you ripped (not toned!)

Look up meltdown training, some of john davies stuff fat to fire in issue 190 and manly weightloss by poliquin
USE THE SEARCH ENGINE in the previous issues section
good luck

Here’s a search word for this site: fat loss. Then try: workouts.

…thought I should help out…oh and by the way - effective programs aren’t effective because they show FAST RESULTS - but because they WORK. Throw away your watch and concentrate on what matters most, being healthy in the LONG TERM.

hey buddy, I was once a newbie too. The best tip I ever got was to read everything, not be lazy and just say tell me now.
as for the steroids, I am natural, but I know about 15 guys that have juiced, and not one has experienced any testicle shrinkage. Most of the time they get bigger!
you seem like an ignorant lazy man. people like you should be on a denise austin website, not t-mag. have fun with the toning. you will be probably be “feeling the burn” and “shaping” with your pink dumbells.

You cannot increase the tonality of a muscle.

I hope by toning you are referring to skin tone! As far as good hardcore workouts, read the past issues – I seem to recall an article or two on weight training! LOL! BTW, only informercials for bullshit ab rollers and shit promise fast results (some promise!). Real success requires real work, and it’s not quick and easy. If it were, everyone would be freakin’ huge and ripped! And, while you’ll see some improvement from weight training immediately, you’ll have to pay your dues in the weight room for long-term results.

“Step by Step” sucked.

Come on Guys stop busting his chops… I comenend him for losing 100lbs KOODOS to you kid. How many of Muscle bond fools even attemped to lose 100lbs??? That in its self is a challange now he wants some advice on TONNING I know its a bad word but he hasn’t been in he feild as long as we have so give him a brake…

My advise is to follow the meltdown article in Test… Its pretty good.


We were probably nicer to this fag than we should have been. This guy (Patrick Duffy? what kind of homo uses this name?)is a totally lazy fuck that can’t even define his goals, current diet, etc., but thinks we have some magic secret for “fast results”. I was willing to give him credit for losing 100 lb (although he probably just stopped eating and lost all his muscle tissue…lots of willpower but not so much work) until I read his post in response to us (I’ll repost it for everyone):

patduffy 2002-02-21 00:50:03

hey go suck your dicks wait that may be a problem for you yes that right guys roids to shrink your ball dont they!!

Pat Duffy,


You should be working out four or five days a week for about an hour each workout, not counting warm-ups, showers, talking, etc. Focus on compound free weight exercises, like the squat (so down at least to parallel), bench press (pause the weight on your chest and drive it up fast), and deadlift (don’t bounce it off the floor – pause it, reset, and lift). Train fucking hard, eat a lot of protein, and get plenty of rest. The science isn’t that difficult – you need willpower (you lost 100 lbs, you must have some) and a desire to succeed. Then, when you aren’t such a little pussy anymore, you won’t have to post whiney messages at people that are giving you good advice. NOW, GET YOUR ASS TO THE GYM, AND KICK THE SHIT OUT OF THE WEIGHTS!!!

Ive never tried to lose 100lbs. but i did lose 60lbs of fat over a year and half. does that count.

Anyone who lose to loose more the 20lbs I give them CREDIT!!!

Please read the Testosterone forum guidelines, dudes. Little people love to attack a questioner it seems. It is spiness to post in such an obnoxious manner, in such an anonymous way. This speech would never be done to a live person, you know that. (or you might be eating your own dental matter if you tried). Lost the weight? GREAT! I went from 247 to 165, then to 185 after weight training. Bigger muscles under the loose skin tighens it up for sure. I will admit that I am NOT a weight loss authority like all these “hardcore” guys are on the topic of muscles. TONE DOWN YOUR KNOW-IT-ALLNESS, fellas, tone it down! (better way–turn it off)