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I Need A Good Abs Program


Heres the deal. My abs are flat and they have really no cuts. I am around 9% and they still dont show well so I am really looking to strap on some mass and add some deep cuts to my midsection. If any of you could point me in the directioin of a good article or link me to a program that would be great. Thank You!


CT has a couple great programs for Abs as Does Christane. Do an author search in the article library.

They are brief and brutal.

Hope that helps,


Thanks bro...I appriciate it.


Didn't you say in the other thread that you wanted to bulk?


Here found my link
Ab training CT


Phill know's best, but here's my 2 cents: Over head squats will hit the midsection pretty nicely as well...I do very little direct ab work but my abs have gotten better durring Chad Waterbury's ABBH and by doing OH Squats. Just anouther option.