I Need a Favor: Radio Contest

another forum I go to has a thread and here is it quoted

"A local radio station is having a “Least Likely to Get Laid” contest. My friend’s girlfriend’s roommate is a contestant.

She despises me, despite the fact I’ve been very nice to her out of pity. Even though if she wins she gets a free trip, I would be highly amused if she “won” the contest.

Any votes for Lindsay from St. Clair Shores would be greatly appreciated."

EDIT- try this link

The site isnt coming up when i click on it

Haha, I voted, but she is miles ahead already.

St. Clair Shores is where again??..haha


She’s gonna win, totally.

Then hopefully she will “win” as in “get laid”.

25yr old virgin. ouch.

She spells her name right, and the radio station was playing Pearl Jam when I voted. Good girl.