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I Need a Cutting Routine


I've gained a solid 30 pounds over the past 3 months using "Starting Strength" and "Squats and Milk" program, and I'm about 180 now.

I plan to use this diet, and I need a cutting routine program that would go along with it:


Any ideas?


if you "cut" now you're going to lose a lot of the muscle you just gained.


Thanks. How would I know when to cut then? I started at 150, I'm now at 180, would I need to wait until 200?


well there arent really strict guidelines but you should put on the size and keep it for a while. Let your body get used to holding on to the extra muscle for a while then cut some BF.


Ok thanks, I mainly asked because I feel as if I am putting on a bit of fat around my abs

Ok well what should I do then, if I can't squat/deadlift for a few weeks while I'm on physical therapy for a lower back injury? Thats why I was wanting to cut, because I wouldn't be able to lift heavy anyways. I can still Bench press, overhead press, pull ups, dips, etc, but what should I do instead of squat and deadlift?


Honestly from someone who has bulked (wrongly) then cut way to many times in the last 2 in a half years don't do it, please don't do it just keep bulking but don't go overboard unless you have to.


Dude you won't lose all the muscle you just gained. You won't lose any if you do it right. Eat JUST below maintence level and lose max 2 pounds a week. Keep lifting heavy and eat enough protein to repair that muscle. Just lift a little less, cardio a little more, and carb cycle.


Great article.


What are your goals? How fat are you?


Here are some pictures so you can help me figure out what to do:

Before: 154
After: 184

(no before picture for this one)


Would it be all right if I cut for about 6-8 weeks or so while I recover from a lower back injury? Right now I wouldn't be able to squat heavy or deadlift with this injury while I am in physical therapy, so I figure now would be a good time to cut while I am getting that fixed up, then when I am done, I could start bulking up.

Like right now, I'm only going to be able to do bench press, pull ups, dips, leg press, etc. No squats or deadlifts until physical therapy says that I can. So would you guys recommend cutting now?

Would that be ok? Or what would you suggest?



No don't cut. Too soon. You are still kind of small!


Keep on bulking even if I can't do squats or deadlifts for a while?


Well of course. Its not like you can't train in general. You should just keep on training just w/o movements that would make your injury worse. Honestly, you are still too skinny to cut. Just keep bulking... looks like you can go 200+ easy without looking fat at all.


Ok thanks man. So should I still eat as much as I was before? Like keep everything the exact same as before, just don't squat, right?


Just keep eating and training. You should still grow. :slight_smile:


Jesus christ. You need a reality check.

Looks like u gained half fat/half muscle. If u cut now, youll most likely end up exactly where u were now. Skinny with some abs, congratulations, youll look exactly like 95% of kids your age.

My advice:
Keep the milk but only for when u wake up, pre and post workout.
Eat meat, nuts, vegies, whey shakes and evoo if u wanna lean out a bit. We're all different, if u cant handle not seeing ur abs, delete the milk all together.
You also have to make sure the scales continue to climb, if their not, eat more, keep track of what your eating. Not gaining? Eat more than you did.
For your routine, try maybe an upper/lower split, instead of total body.
Make sure all your lifts are increasing every time you enter the gym. If ur not, eat more, rest more, train harder. Still not? Eat more.

Keep it simple. Be consistent.

Its a marathon, not a sprint.

Try doing this fast, youll get fat. Find a pace at which ur body is gaining but not gaining too much fat. BUT still remember fat gained be burned quick. muscle takes years to create.

Good luck .



How tall are you? Your back and chest show a lot of growth. Arms are awful. Direct arm work.

And your not that fat either. Congrats on a good start.


My arms are horrendous, I agree. I'm between 5'9 and 5'10. Even at 180 pounds, my arms are only 13 inches flexed, its pretty pathetic.


I had that problem too. I'm 5'11", 185 lbs... took me forever to get my arms from 12" to 15". Just eat and work them harder. Found that heavy benching and weighted dips helped a lot.


Thanks man, yeah I bench press 175 pounds for reps, and can do chin ups with 35 pounds on me, but for some reason my arms are only 13 inches flexed. I'll just keep on working hard and get there eventually.