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I Need A Critique Please

Monday - Legs, shoulders
Tuesday - off
Wednesday - Back, biceps
Thursday - off
Friday - Chest, triceps

Monday: Dumbell Shoulder Press 3x8
Handstand Pushups: 3xfail
Push Press 3x5
SLDL 3xfail
One leg squats with DBs 3x10
Jump Squats ATG 3x15
Lunges 3x8
Calf Raises 3x15

Wednsday: 1 arm Dumbell rows 3x8
Barbell Rows 3x5
Dumbell Curls 4x8
Barbell Curls 1x7
Pull Ups: 3x8

Friday: Incline, Decline, Flat Dumbell Press: 3x8
Weighted Dips: 3x8
Close Grip bench: 3x5
Dumbell Flyes: 3x8

if your wondering why no squats or bench or anything, i only have a 4 foot bar, which explains why i can do closed grip bench. Benching with that bar wouldnt be as good for my chest as dumbell presses.

any help would be appreciated sooooo much

OK I actually kinda like it. Only a few changes I would make. On day one put the leg work prior to the shoulders. You hit yoiur shoulders on day 2 and three any way hit the legs when your fresh. Oh and SLDL purposely to failure Not a great idea IMO thats an injury waiting to happen. Hit em hard but I wouldnt aim to fail on those.

day two Id put the pull ups way before the curls id also prob do more than one set on the BB curls and if you want less of the DB. BB curls allow such a greater load. Id also put the BB row prior to the DB rows for the same reason Higher load can be used. then the DB work as a finisher. Id put the Pull ups and BB rows first then the db rows then the Bi work.

day three looks good I might add a unilateral Tri exercise to finish it off something with a DB, cable or bands.

Thats my 2cc,