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I need a change

I’ve been thinking of doing my first 2on/4off cycle. I was going to use Primobolan Depot, but I’m looking to use something that will clear my system faster than Primo. Primo can be detected for up to 5 months I’ve heard and I need something that clears quicker. What else is there that will give me the safe gains that I can keep like Primo and clear my system faster. If any one can help, I’d appreciate it.

You know, one thing strikes me as hard to understand. So many guys, a really high
percentage, are writing about how they have to pass drug tests. Yet, most athletes do not face steroid tests. Even at top levels like Major League baseball. In other words, how is it that
so many guys are worried about steroid tests?

I’m wondering if there isn’t a confusion
and guys who have drug tests on their job
are worrying about steroid tests. If so,
well, steroids are not
ordinarily checked for on these tests.

We wanted to have some epitestosterone tests
done. Obviously, you have to measure epitestosterone to be able to establish
the testosterone/epitestosterone ratio for
a drug test.

There’s ONE lab, from what we are told, that
does these!

Obviously then there are not that many epitestosterone tests being performed. It just isn’t the case that hundreds of thousands of guys are being tested for steroids every year, as would be the case
for employment drug screenings. Basically,
steroid tests are kind of rare unless you
are a top level athlete and even then only
if you are in certain sports or are an Olympic

Well, what about the “natural” bodybuilding
shows? Their drug test is a polygraph machine
where they ask you if you took steroids in the
last year or whatever.

Use the oral Primo at 50-100mg per day.
It has the acetate and not enanthate ester and
it will clear MUCH faster than the depot.

Or try Winstrol (oral or parenteral) or Dbol
or Anadrol or anything with no ester or
an ester 2 or fewer carbons in length.