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I Need a Boost


I do cardio in the morning and work during the day. After I get home from work, I dont have the energy for lifting. Ive tried NO's (no xplode and jacked and white flood) , EC stacks, thermogenics and caffine pills. Nothing is amping me up for lifting. Have any ideas on any other supplements?


If none of those are providing you energy, your body probably needs to detox from stimulants. Just my opinion.

However, for me nothing comes close to Spike tabs or shooters. Check out the store.

How much sleep are you getting? Do you have a labor intensive job, desk job, etc?


If you're getting 8 hours of sleep, then we can rule out lack of sleep. Try waking up earlier before you go to the gym. I'm still in a slow, unmotivated mode for up to an hour after waking, so maybe try lifting an hour after you wake up.


1) Are you dieting? If so how long?

2) How healthy is your diet overall? List what a typical day looks like:

3) Why cardio in the morning? Is that every morning? Why not combine cardio and lifting?

4) Try getting off the stimulants for a while. They can lose their effectiveness if taken longterm (individual results vary).


Drop the cardio.
Have some coffee in the morning, or something else that will raise your cortisol a bit.
Try not to miss any meals while you're at work.
Forget about NO products.
Wouldn't recommend an EC stack.


Why don't you just lift and do cardio after work. I wake up at 3 a.m. amd do my shit after work. This thread makes no sense.


Your best progress comes from those sessions where you don't want to do it but you do it anyway, no help from caffeine no bullshit magic pill just go to the gym and lift some weights. Damn this country is hooked on caffeine big time,.


you might just simply be burned out, take 2-3 days off just doing nothing


I always find that a good quality B-complex does a lot for my energy.


Maybe ZMA before bed.


I was going to say high dose sugar, but that is not conducive to cardio; also, I am a nerd, so I hate you too.


I am a Nard.


1) taking a few days off weights and carido, maybe a week.
2) cutting morning cardio or doing it after wieghts.
3) lifting weights in the morning instead.


We have no idea what this guy's training schedule, lifestyle, sleep habit, and menu looks like. He should have motivation to train if those are in check--no need for supplementation if so.

He does cardio. What kind? How much? How frequently?

He lifts? What kind of lifting? How much? How frequently?

How many hours of sleep?

Nature of work? Physical or sedentary?