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I need a blender that does not suck!

Hey all. I have a problem. Over the past three years I have probably went through something like 5 blenders because of my addiction to protein powders. After about 4-5 months, either the motor craps out or the drive breaks off. I’ve tried Ostersizer, Braun (the least sucky), Kitchen Aid, Sunbeam, and some others. So, has anyone here found a good blender for protein shakes, specifically one that breaks ice real well? Thanks.

Yes, get a device called the Thunderstick Pro mixer at thane.com.

Ryano: It sounds like you need to “bite the bullet” and make an investment in a Vita-Mix.

Certainly the cost will be less than what you’re putting in all those blenders!

Good luck!

Do a search. This has come up before, and there was a pretty good consensus about some sort of super-blender. (I don’t remember the name myself or I’d give it to you…)

Go to a restaurant supply store and get a commercial blender. They are not cheap though.

There are different models of Kitchen Aid. You must have bought one of the lower quality units. I have a Kitchen Aid Ultra Power blender. The base of the unit has to weigh about 5 pounds and it seems to have plenty of power. I crush two cups full of ice at a time in it on low speed and have no problems. Prior to buying this blender I went through them pretty regularly, too… Hope this helps.

Kitchen Aid is the best. Just make sure whatever blender you get is “commercial grade”. The sales person will know what that means if not ask someone else to help you or go somewhere else. I own a number of bars and this is what you want and can get it at a housware store for around $150. It will last you a lifetime

Get a Thunderstick Pro

Thanks all. What about Waring?

Tell me about the Vitamix Mufasa.

The Thunderstick is the best kitchen tool ever. It blends like a tornado, and all you have to do is run it under water to clean it off. I bring it everywhere… definately recommended.