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I MUST Confess


im afraid to squat! everything i read says "you want to get big?...squat!" come to think of it, between the beginning of oct '05 and mid nov '05 id put on some 20lbs, since then ive only put on ~5lbs. went from 174 to 202lbs. 5'9" by the way...but anyhow i must have been delusional before because id say that im just beginning to look like i work out...at least by my standards.. some girls tell me i look big, but some girls think abercrombie models look big so...

anyway, im rambling. when i gained the most weight i was squatting. my but blew up a bit. my thighs got bigger. dress pants went from a 32" waist pants to some pants (suit) needing a 36" just so my butt and thighs would fit. i feel like i should be squatting again to get things rolling. goal was 220lbs by feb and then lean out a little. also, i love deadlifting and benching, not so much squatting, but i feel like my bench and deadlift are stuck because im not squatting. i have dead'd 405lbs easily and benched 330lbs (which was hard). yet ive only squatted 345lbs successfully>clearly my weakest lift due to lack of attention/training.

anyway, now that ive come clean i need some help, some guidance, whatever. i used to train for looks, but now the strength part of it has really gotten me. i would like to be really strong and have great lifts and also look thick as hell if possible. hopefully theyll go hand in hand.

only supps currently are nitro-tech....and i know, grow tastes better, its cheaper, etc., but i hadnt bought grow for a while because i have been really broke and i just felt the need to go buy some protein right then and i went out and got the nitro-tech...although i did get it on a nice sale, i do apologize in advance to all those that i have offended by not getting grow.

anyway...im not sure ive really asked a question yet. i want to squat, but i dont want my butt getting bigger than it has, so im wondering if that will be the case if i start squatting again, or if maybe my butt was a little small to begin with so it grew quickly to balance things out...although id never been told or believed i had a small but..


The best thing you can ever do for squatting is to get yourself a spotter that you trust. My squat has gone up 15% in 3 months purely do to that.


Well without a photo we can't tell if your butt is abnormally big..........however I sure as hell am not going to ask for one or take part in that.

Your fear is not uncommon, I have seen many who have worried about the saize of their butts on this board and haven't squatted or done leg days because of it. These people usually end up being complete dickheads.

You aint Jennifer Lopoz motherfucker so squat or don't squat, you are only hurting yourself if you don't.


If you're worried about too much gluteal hypertropy, stick with full squats (high bar, ass to grass) or front squats in the same manner. The emphasis is placed more on the quads, though there is a good deal of hamstring and glute development. You mentioned getting bitten by the strength bug - if you plan on competing, switch to PL style about 12 weeks out from a meet with a moderately close stance.

But then, deadlifts are one of the best exercises you can do to be bigger and stronger, and your ass is gonna grow a bit if you eat up to it.

Or just do PL squats and ass size be damned. Find a girl who appreciates strength and doesn't think skinny clothes models are hot. You'll probably be better off that way anyway.



What do you want? Seriously, think about it.

If you want strength, squat.
If you want symmetry from upper to lower body, squat.
If you want balanced shape in your legs, squat.
If you want a powerful look, squat.
If you want to attract pussy, squat.

If you want to be a pussy, don't squat.
If you want to be a light bulb, don't squat.
If you want to be weaker than you look, don't squat.
If you want your butt the size of a little boy's, don't squat.

I hope you don't squat, it is just one more male that isn't alpha, leaving me and those who squat, to fuck the women you couldn't get!

All kidding aside, what do you want?



I enjoy the incredibly difficult task of finding pants that will fit my HYOOGE ass.

You pussy.


Are you kidding man. Chicks are in love with my squat ass. Like seriously. Put it this way, i'm a 30-32 pant waist, and 36's are tight in the ass and thighs, and not to mention they are starting to brush calves (barely). I was born with a white male ghetto booty and thick thighs. it's in the cards, I've started squatting alot, and having 36's that are so tight that you have to stand and SQUEEZE your hand into your pocket is a beautiful thing to me. And the women like it, buckle that belt up and let the X frame shine! you think my name is a coincidence? I think not. now ride forth to the squat rack!!!!


How about busting your ass on the king of lifts, the clean and jerk? Squats will feel like a walk in the park after getting beat up by that lift.


hmmm. forgive my ignorance, but i have never had an interest in doing oly lifting myself, although i love watching it in olympics and such...but im not sure what clean and jerk is, only because like i said i havent been interested in doing it myself, so i havent read up on it.

is clean and jerk the same thing as a power clean? btw--i am terribly afraid of the snatch movement. all the gyms around me seem to have little weeny assed kids and like someone else said-light bulbs. i think ive seen a few strong guys in all the time that ive been in the gym- by that i mean people whod rather be strong than big.

anyway, i honestly must thank all of you...i think you could probably tell just by the post that i was ready to sake fuck it and not worry about the size of the butt, but honestly you all gave me the responses i needed, and tomorrow morning i will be in the gym squatting.

although, im thinking i definitely still want to do heavy deads. i workout MWF- would i be better off squatting M/F and deading W or the other way around?

all suggestions and replies greatly appreciated. thanks again for the kick in the pants!


Same here.


I caught something on television not long ago about what body part is most attractive to the opposite sex.

Most men polled said that they thought that woman liked mens chest / arms the best.

However, by a huge majority, most women polled said they are turned on by a nice ass.

Count me as an ass woman! Squat!


I have read interviews by several porn stars who love muscular backs because they can see the muscles and see them move.


The only reason its been a worry to me lately is because I've always had my own share of problems with keeping weight off. I've hovered around 20% bf for as long as I can remember (and yes I am cutting now, down 5 lbs). But when you squat and then go to try on pants, and 36" waist pants arent big enough anymore, sometimes you think its your waist. Hey...its stupid I know. But sometimes all you watch is the waist line or what it says on the tab of your jeans. It doesnt matter really if thats how it fit, going to the size 38" waist pants just makes you feel fat.

But I'm not gonna stop squatting.....


Not just porn stars, but also us regular women too!!!
I LOVE the back muscles, from the top to the...well...BOTTOM!


moral of the story, start squatting!


I would prefer to have a pic to refer to for this thread....but in most cases---There is absolutly NOTHING wrong with a firm ass---which is what you get from squatting. So quit bitching and start sweating!


i cant wait to squat tomorrow. workout looks like it will consist of squats, weighted dips, standing overhead press and barbell rows with a few pullups undoubtedly thrown in there.

to be exact im feeling like my workout will start with squats, move to dips, then rows, then overheads...

thanks all


Beautifully said. This single post made my day.


join the "I wear dress pants 4+ inches too big because my thighs and ass are large" club


Get a tailor, do your fuckin squats and deads.

Good luck.


Man, I sort of have the same problem. I was thinking about not squating anymore, but it would be fuckin stupid thing to do.
what I do is, I just do front squats (more beneficial for an oly lifter) every training session, but I keep the volume really low (less than 10 reps every session).

So my suggestion: try front squats (butt is less emphasised than with back squats, and you can just drop the bar if you can't get out of the hole), and keep the volume low.

My two cents.