I Must Become Big

Hence the name.

So this is my log, I’ve already been logging over at forum.bodybuilding.com for a bit, not really getting as much feedback as I want though.

So here is my stats

Short Term Goal-Get to a one digit bf%, if not leaner…I want to be cuuut.
Long Term Goal-Entire body recomp. Getting lean now, then I want to stay lean an build muscle…but not via some stupid “bulk” where I get super fat and then lose a bunch of lbm trying to cut all that fat off in 2 months.

Shoulders:44 1/2"
L.Arm Flexed:13 3/4"
R.Arm Flexed:14"
Waist(at naval):33 3/4"
L.Leg:23 1/2"
R.Leg:23 3/4"

These were my stats as of november 2nd, however this sunday I will be posting new stats and some new pics.

The routine I’m doing right now is sort of a power routine to build my strength up, doing kind of like a 5x5 every other day except weekends sort of thing. The lifts I incorporate right now are Barbell Squat,Barbell Deadlift, DB Bench and DB Shoulder Press. I’ll also throw in a day or two of biceps, cause mine totally blow.

My diet is similar to that of the anabolic diet, or CKD…whatever you want to call it, I’m pretty sure they’re the same thing. I’m trying to eat about 2500 cals a day, give or take a bit.I’m trying to hit calorie deficit for about two more weeks following this one to get some definition, becaues obviously right now I’m not very lean, and what the hell is the point of having big juicy muscles if I can’t even see em right. Anyways I think that covers everything so here is a picture I took like nov.8th to get things started.