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I Missed a Day, What's Best?


Gentle men,good day. I suffer from anxiety and insomnia a I will, on occassion will sleep for about two to three hours a night. Needless to say will not be lifting that day. Hell, I can't even walk strait, by balance is gone to hell.

So, my training schedule is simple, monday = lift A, Tuedsay = lift B, ect. Let's say I miss Lift C, a wenesday. Do I attempt lift C again on Thursday or skip lift C and do lift D on thursday as regular and just save lift C for next wenesday?


for balance do C on thursday and continue on. Your body doesn't operate on a 7 day schedule.

If you have lifts that are priority to you and your either not out of balance, or don't care then go ahead and skip to D.

just because you didn't sleep doesn't mean you can't lift. There are many options. Including therapy, or finding a 24 hour gym and lifting through that time.

If your insomnia is something new its possible you could be overtraining or have a stress in your life you need to get too. If you've had it all your life, don't worry about skipping workouts on those days.


Very true. Insomnia and anxiety usually go hand in hand. If this is new to you, and lasts longer than 2 weeks, see a doctor.

If your anxiety is under control, your stress level is down, and you still can't sleep, perhaps this is just your normal pattern. I only sleep 4 to 5 hours a night, since I was a kid, and it hasn't hampered my progress or killed me yet. Look at it this way, you can get a lot accomplished while other people are sleeping.


hey thanks guys. Yea, Ive had it since middle school, and I am seeing a doctor. I'm a college senior and there is not enough time in the day. For me lifting comes first, but I cant risk injury or overtraining. Thanks.


i have anxiety too, my doctor gave me diazepam 2mg which help with anxiety and its sorta and also makes u sleep nice.. but don't take it everyday or you'll get hooked.. i take about 2-3 a week, just when needed basically.


if you miss a workout just do it the next day