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i miss the squat rack

This is not the first time I have posted about my inability to squat do to a twinge in my left groin area in the bottom of a deep squat. I have took much time off from squatting and have tried progressively squatting more and more weight but the pain only becomes worse as the poundage goes up. I stretch and warm up religiously and still am inable to squat over 150 lbs. My PB is 242 and that was 6 months ago, right before I started to experience the pain. The ONLY time I feel this pain is in a low bar back squat; the high bar back squats actually cause a little less pain but they still cause that twinge. I asked Ian King when i went to the swiss in september and the only thing he said was to go see an ART specialist in Toronto, which is not possible for me financially or because of where I live. I can deadlift, front squat, lunge and leg press with no pain and yet I still don’t feel i’m getting the leg development I could if I could squat. Please give me advice or tell me any experiences anyone has had with similar problems.



Blake; it appears as though an ART provider would be your best and only shot.

From your description, it would seem that you have taken great measure experimenting with and exhausting all other possible solutions; I commend you on that.

To be honest, though, I would try not to focus too heavily on this. You mention that you can do almost any other leg movement. Between deadlifts, front squats, and leg presses, you will be able to achieve excellent leg development.

I will admit that it is possible you may not be able to fully realize the potential your legs have, but until it is possible to get to an ART provider, you can still use the other exercises to build an impressive set of wheels.

Keep your head up, and hope this helps.

Sounds vaguely like you’ve strained a hip adductor.

Some trainees compensate for weaker glutes with adductors at the bottom of the range of motion, especially in tandem with a wide stance.

If this is you and you hadn’t stretched appropriately prior, such an injury is quite possible. Consider seeking advice from a doctor.

D. Indech

when you get the pain, do u have any pain shooting down your groin area hurting your testicles and such?