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I Miss the Old Reader Mail

Yes, I miss the old Reader Mail article that used to grace T-Mag every Friday. I know things have “evolved” since then, but that doesn’t change the fact that I miss it, and nothing has really replaced it.

Remember this little gem?

Cold 'n sniffles

Sorry to hear in your last issue about your cold and sniffles. I’m sure that they woulda’ killed a lesser man. But to resort to parrot antibiotics isn’t a very manly way to kill those pesky pathogens. Let me suggest my alternative cold treatment for real men, aka Weider training principal 6,983,994,875,960,483:

  1. Arise from your sickbed, sans whining.

  2. Brew a gallon of straight, black lava Java, decant into a wastebasket, and chugalug it. Eat the grounds.

  3. Grab yer faithful gym bag (the old, beat-up, “State U” one, none a’ them fancy, designer logo, wussy bags) and jump in your vintage, big block 'Vette.

  4. Head for the gym, donning your raunchiest threadbare “Reg Park” gray sweatsuit as you drive.

  5. Pump out cardio until your pulse rate reaches 300 or your heart starts cavitating, whichever comes first.

  6. Achieve personal bests in each of the 500 barbell and dumbbell movements shown in Bill Pearl’s “Keys of the Universe” manual, with no warm-ups.

  7. Get in the face of the biggest tattooed sumbitch in the place and tell him that you’re doin’ the wild thing with his fiancee since he can’t get it up, then ask him what he plans to do about it.

  8. Pull the fire alarm on the wall and dial 911 from the locker room pay phone.

  9. Storm the steam room and override the maximum temperature control. Better yet, breach the 8" main live steam line with your bare hands. Take 100 deep breaths.

  10. Sprint to the parking lot, fire up that 'Vette, grab the spark plug wire tips, and hold on for a few minutes. Return home and listen to some Celine Dion.

This protocol will serve to have those germs leapin’ offa you like mice offa the Mayflower. If this more conservative, masculine, and gender-specific treatment proves ineffective, then try the parrot antibiotics. Brock Strasser can probably get some shipped to you from some third-world drug source address du jour, via the Internet, at:


Let me know how it all works out for ya’!


Sometimes, an answer to an email can only detract from its greatness. This is one of those times. Terry, you magnificent bastard, I salute you!

I, too, miss the old Reader Mail. One of the few disadvantages to the new format…

Me 2

Yep, I was thinking the same thing just recently. Reader Mail definitely added a different dimension to the site. I miss it a lot.

I’ll throw in my vote too.

Bring back reader mail!

yah i too miss it. In fact, I e-mailed them asking if Peter North has to increase his load every week to avoid plateau. I was hoping it would get answered =[