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I Miss Egg Protein

Hey I just moved back to India for the summer… and South Asia has been attacked by Bird Flu once again… so I am not willing to take any risk with eggs…

What substitute do you recommend for my diet ?



You’re worried about fucking bird flu in your EGGS?

eggbeaters. done.

third graders.

i live in Asia. and im smack in the middle of the Areas which had it. Pretty close to Singapore (someone got it there i remember).

And when im cracking my eggs into a bowl and the shell falls in. i remove it. and cook it. and eat it. and. i don’t die. =(

Btw, i remember reading somewhere that you can only get bird flu when u touch the sick animal. thats why lots of farmers; or people who keep hens (like in Indonesia and India) got infected.

Thats also why; many private owned hen coops were being shut down. and owners were being fined for not “removing” their chickens.

From World Health Organization

"How do people become infected?

Direct contact with infected poultry, or surfaces and objects contaminated by their faeces, is presently considered the main route of human infection. To date, most human cases have occurred in rural or periurban areas where many households keep small poultry flocks, which often roam freely, sometimes entering homes or sharing outdoor areas where children play. As infected birds shed large quantities of virus in their faeces, opportunities for exposure to infected droppings or to environments contaminated by the virus are abundant under such conditions. Moreover, because many households in Asia depend on poultry for income and food, many families sell or slaughter and consume birds when signs of illness appear in a flock, and this practice has proved difficult to change. Exposure is considered most likely during slaughter, defeathering, butchering, and preparation of poultry for cooking.

Is it safe to eat poultry and poultry products?

Yes, though certain precautions should be followed in countries currently experiencing outbreaks. In areas free of the disease, poultry and poultry products can be prepared and consumed as usual (following good hygienic practices and proper cooking), with no fear of acquiring infection with the H5N1 virus.

In areas experiencing outbreaks, poultry and poultry products can also be safely consumed provided these items are properly cooked and properly handled during food preparation. The H5N1 virus is sensitive to heat. Normal temperatures used for cooking (70oC in all parts of the food) will kill the virus. Consumers need to be sure that all parts of the poultry are fully cooked (no �??pink�?? parts) and that eggs, too, are properly cooked (no �??runny�?? yolks).

Consumers should also be aware of the risk of cross-contamination. Juices from raw poultry and poultry products should never be allowed, during food preparation, to touch or mix with items eaten raw. When handling raw poultry or raw poultry products, persons involved in food preparation should wash their hands thoroughly and clean and disinfect surfaces in contact with the poultry products Soap and hot water are sufficient for this purpose."