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I Might Have Crashed My E2

I started a new cycle with 900mg of test e ew, with adex 0.5mg twice a week.
I’m having some issues at the moment:

Terrible headache, no morning wood, takes a lot to get hard and ejaculate, my sperm lacks of volume, I feel dehydrated all the time although I drink at least 2liters of water, I sweat like a pig at the gym and feel tired after a few sets, I feel emotionally numb and don’t care about anything, also my body looks flat.

I stopped taking adex 3 days ago hopefully it will get better

Is hard to tell if its High E2 or Low.

Blood work is the only way to really know without trial and error.

Some people is over responding to AI, and I have read lot of threads where people crashes their E2 because of that.

Keep in mind the life in blood of AI and based on that I would probably drop totally AI for 10 days and if you are feeling better then you know whats the issue.

No expert just my .02

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Thanks mate.
I’ve read that men who naturally have high testosterone are less likely to experience E2 sides once they start taking steroids.
I crashed it once when I was at 600mg of test and took 0.5mg of adex 3 times a week. Felt aweful my joints were dry and making noises all the time.
So yeah I’ve been a few days without adex hopefully will get back

That Headache is the tell tale for me. Definitely sounds like its low. Eye pressure/ headache.

Yeah mate that pressure on my right eye was aweful.
Been 6 days without adex and my mood is great, libido is up again and my headache is gone.
Funny how 0.5mg of adex twice a week at 900mg of test could crash my e2

I actually had that headache for about 3 months. I was getting worried that it was the TRT. Then I stopped messing with AI and it went away. why don’t you use something like DIM if you get e2 symptoms., much milder.