I Met CT

I had respect for this webpage and I knew it provided quality information from research and professionals, but this Tuesday the love I had for this website and the people duplicated.
I am a 17 yo exchange student from Argentina, and my biological parents came to canada to visit me, I live in Windsor ON (Fouad Abiad is from here) and we decided to go on a road trip and visit Quebec city and Montreal.

I knew that one of the contributors to this page, Christian Thibaudeau, works in QC so I thought it was a good idea to contact him and see if he could share some words with me.
When I arrived to the gym he was training a group of elite crossfit athletes that were going to compete this weekend, he was in the middle of some drills to clean up the technique.

I really appreciate the time he took to share some words with me, his good vibes and the enviroment on that gym. It encouraged me to keep on training and evaluate to study a carerr about physical preparation.

Thanks everyone, stay strong

Great to meet you! Wish you would have stayed longer, 2 more groups came in. I’m happy that you came because now people will know for sure that I really exist :slight_smile:

Legendary. I’d visit Canada just for CT - probably the country’s best attraction (:

What’s amazing is that most of your clients are top level dudes (a couple of “average joes”) and you glean/observe and make routines that are effective for all levels. Without your knowledge I (and lotta others) would still be flopping around on ineffective training styles. And you have the nuanced answers to so many (often peculiar) questions of mine haha so thank you.

Really can’t wait for the book…are we looking at this year or after?