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I Messed Up My TRT Dosage for Three Weeks

So I have a bottle of testosterone which is supposed to last me 10 weeks at 100 mg a week.
I peeled off the label so I could see how much label was left after 3 weeks and its probably 75-80% gone, meaning I miscalculated the dosage and have probably been on about 250 mg a week.

Is this likely to cause problems?
I do feel fantastic, just worried my miscalculation might mess me up.

You are a bit on steroids, no problem :smiley: Just drop down to normal dose, the blood levels will balance out.

Are you starting now? Some docs recommend higher dosages on starting to overcome the HPTA shutdown.

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Yes this is the first 3 weeks and now I’ve halved my dosage

Most use 150-200mg per week. You’ll likely end up in that range anyway so 250mg isn’t crazy. I know a few guys who use that much to get them into the “high normal” range for total, though it does put the free test a little over. You’ll probably need to explain that when you ask for a refill.

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The only problem you have is you are going to run out way before you get to buy more unless you are buying it on your own via UGL.

Yeah I’m in Asia so buying it off the net is no problem. I was just worried I’d done damage to my health, but no one seems to think it’s an issue, so I’m relieved.

Not even close. Guys running testosterone as part of an anabolic steroid cycle (meaning they stack test with other anabolics) will routinely take 400-1000mg per week. Your dose was a warm-up dose.

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With a little deca/tren and primo for cleaning so it will equal like over 2000mg of testosterone :smiley:

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