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I Messed Up My Shoulder While Doing Pull-Ups...


Okay, after my compound lifts today I was going to do some isolation work.

I did my first set of 25 pull-ups, and then I went to do my next set of 20. I was doing where I would pull up then at the top of the bar slide all the way to the right, then to the left. But on rep 7 I felt an immediate sharp burning type of pain in my upper right shoulder. I dropped instantly, and a few minutes after it happened I couldn't turn my head to the left or I would feel the pain. And I also couldn't move my arm to the left. Now about 20 minutes after it has happened, I can feel soreness in my shoulder, but I can now turn my head left, but not all the way..

Did I pinch something? Or.. I'm trying to avoid the doctor here..


Try rolling your right trap and sverything attached to you shoulder blade with a tennis ball. I've had similar issues, and that seemed to help.


From what you say, I'd see a chiro before a regular doctor.

Also, that type of pull up is generally done pretty strict. If you're doing 25 in a set, that makes you pretty damn badass.


Go to a doctor.

Just do it. It doesn't sound good.


sounds abit like a stinger, but dont think that would occur during pull ups???