I Messed Up Maximal Weights, HELP!

I am about to finish my 3rd week of the first phase of Maximal Weights. I’ve come to realize that I don’t like the exercises I selected for back, chest, and shoulders. However, I like how things are going for all my other muscle groups. So, I want to start using new exercises for back, chest, and shoulders, what should I do? Should I do more than 3 weeks of the exercises that are working for me? Or less than 3 weeks of my new exercises? I am asking this, since I would like to finish the program for all the muscle groups at the same time. Also, please don’t give me crap and tell me to stick with the exercises I am doing, yet dislike, as I think it’s dumb to do them for 12 weeks, if I am not feeling them like I should.

I wouldn’t sweat all this stuff. Just pick some compound movements and hit them hard. As long as your addng weight to the bar, nothing else matters.


Sounds like you answered your own question. Training should be fun and enjoyable above all else.

You didn’t mess anything up. Just pick some new back exercises and keep going with the program. It’s okay to change exercises every few weeks. Variety is the spice to life!

For back I was doing nuetral grip pull ups. However, the nuetral grip pull up station at my gym has too wide of a spacing, so it hurt my shoulders, and for some reason my tris got sore. Also, I got in people’s way. I am going to do underhand pullups on the smith machine now, it’s the only good use for it!