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I Messed My Thigh Up

I used a 25g 1.5". It’s a long needle but I’m not a small guy.

Injected 1ml of 300mg test e and 100mg test p (combined, came premixed). Along with 1ml of 200mg tren e. So 2 syringes in total.

My injection was good. Used isopropyl alcohol to clean before and after, both needles went into the muscle (small bubble of air came out once it was in). But both went into the same thigh, and close to each other (within an inch).

Its been 48 hours, my thigh looks fine - no swelling or redness. But god damn it feels like I was hit by a car. I can barely walk, my leg won’t extend, and is pretty darn painful. I’m doing small leg exercises eg keeping my foot planted on the ground and slowly raising it up and down, on both toes and heel. It helps but as soon as I relax my leg is useless again.

Normal? Its my first cycle, I spent weeks preparing and soaking up info but didn’t read about this. Also I did a full body workout yesterday, about 24 hrs after the pins, my leg workouts wasn’t big but it was decent. Maybe thats where I screwed up?

You didn’t read enough. A few weeks isn’t shit. Had you been a mature adult and done your homework you wouldn’t be using tren and you would know what “pip” post injection pain is.

If I’m coming off as an asshole it’s because reckless use of AAS like you are presenting is what gives steroids a bad name.

I suggest you start taking more time before making future decisions that can have life altering affects.

The pain will diminish, but the cause will be hard to determine because of the number of different steroids, and potential mixing agents. Add to that virgin muscle, and the fact that some guys don’t like injections in the quads.

1ml that contains 300mg of test e and 100mg of test P is high concentration mg /ml. To dissolve that much steroid into oil, the mixture probably contains Ethyl Oleate. Some guys have very bad reactions to EO and it causes pain like you have described. Leg feels hard to bend and the muscle very painful and rigid. If that is the cause then you need to stop using that gear and find some without EO. I would suggest 200-250mgml test E or C, specify no EO in the mix.

Test Prop on its own can be very painful, at the injection site for several days, but your pain sounds a bit more extreme.

Tren, probably not the cause of the pain but a bad choice for a first cycle, due to potential side effects.

Rules for beginners. First cycle testosterone only. See if you have any problems with that, if so it can be diagnosed and corrected. Later cycles you can add one substance at a time.

  1. Prop hurts on its own
  2. 400mg/ml is high concentration; in order to get higher concentrations to hold the brewing process involves more solvents, which means more pain
  3. Quads are not a great place to pin on your first cycle because it frequently is less pleasant than glutes