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I Messed My Back Up, Ideas?

hey guys, just trying to figured out what happened. It wasn’t weight lifting related, I was running down a track and my back/glutes suddenly tightened up, I can still freely move around but its uncomftable at moments. its gotten better but still hurts. It feels like its in the top of my glutes and the lowest part of my lower back. Did I pinch a nerve or somthing, what could it be?

Do you think its possible I messed up a disc or somthing by how it happened? I thought it was a strain but its been around 5 days now, so i doubt it.

I’m 17 btw.

What do you think it might be?

Sounds like a strain. It happens. You just need to rest it. Bad strains take a while to recover from. I strained my back a few weeks ago and while it’s recovering, I’m still probably a week or two away from being 100%.

Although, the only way to confirm a disc problem would be to see a doctor, if you had disc problem, you would likely be in severe pain.

The things I’m doing now to work it out:

  • Move around as best you can. Sitting still or laying down too much will just tighten it up.
  • Stretch my hamstrings. This is making the biggest difference. Even a quick 10 minute session of stretching my hamstrings seems to make all my back pain go away temporarily.
  • Take ibuprofen and Flameout.
  • Alternate heat and cold packs on my back. This helps more right after the injury though.

EDIT: Age really isn’t a factor either. I threw out my back the first time when I was 13 picking up a 6-pack of Coke.

I feel your pain…
I used M2 (magnificent mobility) and it worked like a magic. I strained my lower back and didn’t know what to do. I tried static stretching, but that didn’t work.
I got M2 and found that the pain was coming from the hip, and not the back.

Dynamic stretching helped me.
Best of luck.