I May Have a Problem - DL Form

Haven’t filmed my deadlift from the side in a while. I did today and was surprised. It felt as it usually does: steady, no pain, no discomfort, happy back.

I’m trying to figure out if/how worried I should be. This is set one from today, triple at 495 lbs which is pretty much dead on 90% of my max

Usual view, seems fine as far as I can tell:

Side view, maybe not so much

It’s not the worst rounding I’ve seen and it looks pretty solid, but yes you might want to try and work on getting your upper back set a bit more.

You setup rounded before you even reach for the bar.

Cool, thanks. I’ll work on it. I’ll also start looking at it profile more often to keep it in check.

Didn’t look too bad to me either. At 90% my back is the same way

Maybe I’m wrong, but looks like your hips are pretty far behind the bar for me. Any thoughts?

I think you may have just rushed a little bit. Down at the bottom, remember to get your shoulders behind the bar, and to engage your lats. For the lats, I like the cue “bend the bar around your legs.”

Getting your shoulders behind the bar will drop your hips like half an inch, then getting the lats tight will raise your chest up like half an inch.

This subtle change will make your back flatter, and let you get your hips closer to the bar.

I think you just hunkered over instead of pulling yourself to the bar during your set up.

Thanks heaps. The bend the bar cue makes perfect sense.

Plus, you’re right. I most likely did rush it which would account for the errors. I wasn’t really feeling it that day, which is probably why I ended up rushing it without noticing.