I May Be Moving to Puerto Rico

Anyone live there? Visited? Familiar? Any info. would be appreciated…

I’ve never been, but my little sisters in-laws are from there. She went with him last christmas and from what I understand there’s a HUGE quality of life gap between the classes there. Your profile says you’re from California, so no doubt you’ll be in the wealthy class…and I assume do well for yourself down there. She did say it was beautiful, so you should enjoy that.
I moved from Cali 2 years ago and miss the climate, so hoepfully you don’t hate it down there for the heat and humidity.

Maybe this is a waste of a post, but if nothing else…GOOD LUCK TO YOU!!

[quote]lost wrote:

Maybe this is a waste of a post, but if nothing else…GOOD LUCK TO YOU!![/quote]

Not a waste at all…thanks for taking the time to help out…but your time is really much better spent posting pics of your wife…let me know if she needs a Carribean vacation…I can’t offer free lodging, but she won’t have to spend any money to earn her keep…

San Juan is beautiful. Much cleaner water than mexico, there’s no comparison imo. The water is a deep blue/green hue, and the weather is gorgeous. You’ll have a blast there. The women don’t hurt either, maybe you should try a local, the other guys wife likely won’t accomodate you on short notice.