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I Made My Own Anavar Capsules

I was able to get some raw anavar powder from a domestic source. At first I tried to suspend it in alcohol but it is barely soluble in alcohol and it was almost impossible to get accurate dosing. It had to be shaken vigorously and then drawn immediately.

I decided to get my own capsule filler and empty gel caps. The process is very simple but tedious as hell. The caps are tiny and must be separated and then once filled, re-capped. It took me about an hour to make 100 caps but the doses are much more accurate.

I decided to make 25mg caps with creatine as the filler. Taking 50 mg a day and I’ve already got the “Anavar cramps”. It hurts so good! LOL


How did you go about making sure each was dosed correctly? Did you weigh them after capping? Or did each cap only hold x amount of powder which worked out to be the 25mg once it was cut with creatine?

I have UGL Anavar that has been in the cupboard under a few things and now mostly resembles powder. This sounds like a great idea.

Raw oxandrolone is a crystalline. Just FYI.

Sounds convenient now that it’s all capped. I just weigh my raws out on a 0.000g scale at time of dosing. 60mg currently. The delt and calf pumps are so good.

If they were original pressed pills wouldn’t they be full of fillers as well? Raw oxandrolone wouldn’t press well by itself would it?
Sorry should have mentioned in my first post.


I found this process online here that tells you how to weigh everything to get an accurate dose.

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That’s brilliant, thank you.

Keep in mind that these caps are SMALL and they create their own static electricity so they want to cling together. They have to be separated and re-capped and my fat fingers dont like them. LOL

My fingers aren’t exactly small either. Might be a bit tedious but I will get there eventually haha.

It definitely doable and the economics are too good to pass up. I split 50 grams with a buddy for $350 and that is enough to make 2000 25mg caps. That’s about $0.17 per pill, where most UGLs charge anywhere from $1 to $2 a pill.

I have no intention of selling or anything like that. Just trying to save money

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Just don’t get caught with 50 grams. Having the USPS find 5-10 vials or maybe a 100-200 tabs being shipped to me doesn’t make me too nervous. A big bag of raws makes me a tad more nervous, as I think they would charge with distribution / dealing.

It’s definitely pricey buying UGL pills.
Would love to get my hands on some raw anavar but don’t know of anywhere to get my hands on it here in aus.

As I mentioned above, mine were sitting under a few things in the cupboard (they come in a satchel) and they are more or less powder now. I likely wont have to add much creatine as there will be cutters/binding agents in it already. These were only 10mg pills.
Was just going to weigh out the equivalent of 50mg and take that but your idea is a hell of a lot easier.

Agreed but you’d be surprised at how little 50 grams actually is. Smaller than a deck of cards

You need to find a chinese based source.

Customs here are notoriously hard to get past. Makes me a little nervous ordering anything like this from outside the country.

You may already know this but USPS Priority mail and Priority Express mail is protected from search and seizure without a warrant.

My source is chinese but he ships domestically.

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Oh okay. I’ll look into this.

I was just talking to my buddy about doing this today! Haven’t found a domestic (US) supply, know we can’t talk about that, but the powder is cheap is hell. Was just going to scoop it and not bother making the caps tho

Scoop it as in, just swallowing the raw powder? Part of the problem is that 25 mg or even 50 mg, is a very small amount and you would have to have a pretty good scale to weigh it. I weighed 1.3 grams of var added to my filler of 4.8 grams and that gave me 25 mg of var/capsule.