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I Made My First Program!

It’s cool as hell, how do I post, a word doc?

I think pasting it in here, will jack up the format of it, it will end up an unreadble mess.

Have you shown it to any older women and subsequently told them to slap the dicks out of their mouths yet?

You’re the Marine from the other thread about keeping your conditioning up while powerlifting right? If so I’d be interested in taking a look at what you put together. PM it too me if ya can.

I’m no marine, my brother is, I’ll send you his advice when he hits me back on email.

He is in Dijibouti right now so it might be a few days.

if its your first program, perhaps it belongs in the beginners section?

Try copying from your word doc and pasting it in your message box. I used to be computer illiterate too.

Just copy and paste it over. Fix the formatting or whatever after you’ve pasted it.