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I Made Hooker's Blog

As many of you may know, hooker (aka Anthony Roberts) is now fully employed by steroid.com, and has run his own blog for quite a while now.

For some stupid reason, he posted a really horrible pic of me on his blog.

The really odd thing is that he didn’t take wide open chance to slam me. In fact, it worries me just a bit that, given our history of shit slinging, he didn’t take a shot.

Maybe a picture is worth a thousand words. In my defense, however, that photo is about 3-4 years old.


i might have to flame you more for the limbaugh for president muscle t-shirt!

That shirt is priceless. I got it back in 1992 from my late mother in-law.

It’s my favorite shirt.


I like Rush.

Not so much the headgear.

I was bald under the do-rag, and I sweat a lot. Sweat burns my eyes.

Function over fashion.

I guess I could have worn a trucker hat, but that looks ghey.


Nice upper, but work on the wheels.

Post back shot, stats, and diet.

That picture’s been around for a while. Roberts had it on his T-Nation profile page, entitled, “Rainjack - owner of ChemOne Research”.

[quote]5.0 wrote:
That picture isn’t new. Roberts had it on his T-Nation profile page for quite a while, entitled, “Rainjack - owner of ChemOne Research” [/quote]

Yeah - I know. Trust me. I know. It was posted in a thread here a year or two before he put it in his profile.

I realize there’s the whole other thread dedicated to it, but at least you can look at the bright side.

You don’t look like a douche bag, per se.

Wow… RJ… looking sharp.

Gotta say though, it takes balls wearing a Rush shirt. I do too and get shit ever time I do. Course then again when somebody kicks as much ass as he does, he’s bound to make a few enemies.


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did any of you scroll over the pic and see what the name of that photo was?

you look fine to me?

I do remember that pic but I still think you look like Mac after having him in your avatar for so long.

On a totally unrelated note…

So I had never been on steroid.com and when I went to their main page I came across the banner for RoidStore. Curious, I clicked to look at it. Forget that a steroid site has them as a sponsor, my looking into the “active” ingredient Metandesenolone in their d_bal or whatever, led me to this thread

And you guys complain about the threads here. My two favourite responses are where the guy compares injecting to cocaine and orals to weed and the post where the guy just says he wants to punch people in the face. Had me a good laugh.

[quote]Contrl wrote:
Nice upper, but work on the wheels.

Post back shot, stats, and diet.[/quote]

I hung on a horse for about 12 years prior to becoming an accountant for the last 10. That means I have been off my feet for half my life.

My legs still want to be horseback, for obvious reasons.

Never seen that pic before… hope I never see it again :wink: Just kidding

Yeah I saw this the other day. I’ve seen that pic before in a thread and wasn’t sure if it was a random joke image or actually RJ.

Anyway, Rush Limbaugh is a complete and utter classless retard. Only the most out of whack conservatives actually still listen to his psychotic ramblings.

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[quote]bushidobadboy wrote:

Now, I’m not that technologically orientated…

Just a bee in my bonnet, Pard’ but the word is “oriented”, as in “getting oriented to the critical areas” of a map location “a” to any other location which would be “b”…Of course, this may be a Brit’ thing I might not understand…/;-D