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I Made an Apple Pie Shake...


2-3 scoops vanilla protein
2 of the prepackaged cups of applesauce
1-2 tsp cinemon



How many carbs was in that?

How man calories total was the shake?

Sounds good.


Hey I like this idea. I have all those ingredients as well...

I'm gonna try that...thanks for that zep.



where do you get cinemon? :smiley:

figure there is 240-360 cals in the protein about what 8g carbs
applesauce, probably 140-180 cals there with a decent amount of carbs 30-40g my guess


is that a shake? might want to add some water :wink:



Use about 1/4 cup of steel cut oatmeal (for the texture) and raw milk, if you're feeling ritzy.


I throw oats in my shakes quite a bit. People in class look at me like I'm nuts..then its usally followed with a stare at my chest or arms lol :stuck_out_tongue: jk



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I am stealing that one, Bushman. Any particular kind of apple juice, i.e. all-natural vs. any generic sugar-filled brand?

And I take it you guys don't mean steel cut oats, right? I would assume you'd have to actually cook these first, cool them down, THEN pre-soak them in apple juice, as opposed to being able to soak rolled oats in juice without worrying about the 'al dente'-ness of the oats...


im with u on this oats thing haha i put raw oats in my shake too and it taste good but looks like vomit so i get some crazy stares hahah


yep :slight_smile:


This will probably be a staple for me on the weekends when staying consistant with better food choices is more difficult. I'll be dieting down ~15 pounds starting in november, my first powerlifting meet is at the end of december iirc.

plus, gotta be secksi for teh honnies.

I use a combination of egg/casein/whey protein for my shakes. Using solid whey would probably be a bad choice. Most of you with Biotest products at your disposal shouldn't have a problem with Metabolic Drive but others would be better off investing in a combo also.