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I Made a Video Game


As some of you know, I make video games for a living. In my spare time, I've been working on my own project for a while. It's an Adventure Horror Game along the lines of Amnesia: the Dark Descent and Penumbra, and right now it's free to download:


I decided to release the demo early due to my computer exploding. There's a few bugs and plenty of placeholder art that I normally wouldn't put out there. It's a totally ridiculous story (the game and my situation). I broke some ribs Saturday wrestling, the computer blew up Sunday, etc. It's a series of events that made me say "fuck it, get this thing out!" On the bright side, a new hire at work is strong as hell and loves working out.

That's alpha right? make a whole damn game yourself!


Good stuff man, I'll check it out later.

Very impressive!


i dont' wanna hi-jack the thread but i was wondering what goes into game programming... is it a C++ platform? how are graphics and everything added in?

just wondering... will DL when i get home from work...


I was just thinking that.


Download works just fine guys. Is there anyway i can reduce the resolution/performance a bit so i can run it with massive lag?


Its done with Object Oriented Coding in C++ i tried learning it, i don't have the patience nor the attention span to learn it


Wow, nice. Just the kinda video games I like playing.

Will check it out :slightly_smiling:


Can you make Battlefeild 3 in about 6 hours (or steal it however you like) and release it to us (more specifically me).



Sounds like a trick. Probably a virus in it..


Not everyone is trying to catch you out.

Just me, lol.


That was cool, ran smooth.

Thanks for sharing.


Dude, me and Pootie are playing tonight at 10pm eastern. Jump on!


i'll try it too. i loved amnesia.


Thanks everyone.

Vinnie85: This was built using UDK (Unreal Development Kit). It's, in-short, a free to use version of the engine used to make Gears of War, Mass Effect and tons of other games. It's a really powerful editor that can let you make just about any kind of game with a bit of work. It has it's own scripting language. A lot of the art was built in 3ds max and photoshop.

caveman101: sorry man, for this early version there isn't an in-game option for resolution. This can be adjusted via an INI file.

In your Old Town directory, UDKGame/Config/DefaultEngineUDK.ini If you open this file (notepad works), and scroll down about halfway to [SystemSettings]. There's a ResX and ResY where you can plug in the resolution you want (be sure to stick to standards). The ini file is read-only, so you'll have to uncheck that before saving.

I also apolgize for not getting a good optimization pass so it'd run easier for everyone. If you want to get tricky, you can tinker with some of those other settings or ini files to see if they help you. Just be careful and back them up in case you break something.