I’m Opening a TRT Clinic

A bit late for that mate, but appreciate the feedback.

I do wish you luck and prosperity because I know how hard it is to get good treatement. Even from university medical centers (how about pellets?) because it is a high payout to the doctor to once a months shots that send me on a rollercoaster. Knowledge out there is scarce but getting better so I hope you treat people and igonore the bro science which I was subjected to which kept my time getting better delayed. Good luck in your new endevour.

One thing, which I experienced, was a numb feeling and invincible feeling at too high of doses. I could have lost my marriage if I didn’t adjust my dosage. I have read lots of material and one thing I did noticed is many women saying their husbands have changed for the worse at high doses. Maybe for some they can handle it but unless you have an amazing spouse they don’t want you trying to hump them 3 times a day and being pissed if they say no. Just something I wonder if places keep the spouse in the loop and talk with them at appointments.

This will end badly.

I’ve made a very successful career from proving doubters like yourself wrong :slightly_smiling_face:

I hope you do!

Thanks for the thorough answer. This is all really impressive bro. I think you’re going to kill it. I’d go to your clinic if I lived close to it. Great work on everything.

Do you mind me asking, how much have you set aside for startup costs and for operating cash to run until you’re profitable?

Is it similar to what the franchises say? (So like $250k-$400k should be enough to build out and run until profitable?)

We are going to offer:

  • on-site injections
  • At home injections
  • Pellets

I am very keen to make sure that our practitioners are always available to our clients, so the intent is that even if someone does at home or pellet, they can always come in to see us without additional charge for the visit, so their provider is always available to them without fear of it costing for a specific visit to the doctor. Weekly is the common cadence with cypionate and what we will be doing either through at home or on-site, this will help with the ups & downs.

Thanks for the positive words, I have put a hard limit on how much I would expend / get into the red on the project before pulling the plug. Not going to share that number, but it’s enough working capital to last at least 6 months operations without seeing revenue move to b/e.

The start-up I have budgeted just over $100k for, and i’m going to come in a bit under that number (probably $85k). It helped a LOT that the space was brand new and turnkey medical, so the build out cost is significantly less than it would be for taking a shell and building up from there. I also have a lot of good help from talented family members who have carpentry skills etc, and are helping for compliments and free food.

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I think it’s great what you’re doing, I would offer my 2 cents, find a copy writer,(even a student one) to help with copy. People don’t buy the steak. They buy the sizzle.

Example: Feeling tired, low on energy? Can’t find your morning wood? Here’s what your GP Doctor either won’t tell you or doesn’t know?

I’ll help you find your solution by taking a look at your sex hormones, blood profiles, thyroid panel, cortisol, IGF-1, and deficiencies in minerals and vitamins.

Most men over 50 needlessly suffer from one or more of these problems medical doctors don’t even look at.

I know you want to feel the power and strength you once did! I can help you get it back, by providing …

(show a before and after, dad bod to gym bro.) Good luck with your adventure.

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Thanks so much for the feedback. I should find some old pictures of myself for the dad bod to gym bro transformation! As we’re ramping up, i’m going to be refining content and adding a lot more than we already have, it’s been on the back burner as I’ve been getting the core business set up.

Today is (was) launch day, but North Texas is covered in snow so i’ve kept the office closed for today. We had a couple of appointments still on calendar but I’ve contacted and those people have already rescheduled. It’s a shame to get snowed out opening day but I see it as a good luck sign, we purchased our first home here (Southlake, TX) in a winter storm, so good things happen for me here in bad weather.

If any of your are in North Texas, come and give us a try!

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This kind of statement can get you in trouble with a medical board. This essentially states the GPs are either incompetent or unethical. Making claims like this in an advertisement could result in being asked to prove it. I’d be careful.

Sure, sing your own praises if you would like. Don’t try to build yourself by tearing someone else down.


Good idea, we need more forum People operating shit like this, as forums tend to be filled with tons of good up to date information.

If u need a copywriter just tell me, im the best one you can get and i dont charge too much. Ive helped tons of swedish buis to sell their shit, i do it beside my software engineering job as i have a natural talent for it.

Oh and dont worry, my english is great when i put some effort, which i usually dont do on forums.

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Thought I would bump this to give a quick update, we are 3 weeks in now. We are running strong. Week 1 was paper processes for a lot of stuff (consent form, health questionnaire, etc), which we quickly resolved so everything is on iPads now and much slicker.

Changed out the NPs during the setup process so have two really solid ones now, found out that one of the previous had lied to me and was working for one of my competitors at the same time so canned her immediately, another just wasn’t a great fit. My two now are rock solid so I’m happy with that.

Have been refining the marketing strategy over the last couple of weeks, as well as client contact, we got a lot of cancellations and no shows (probably due to it being a free appt, so no charge for no show etc… plus guys are just bad at scheduling and turning up for things), so we have implemented some comms processes that will cut down on no shows and cancellations and that is still WIP but getting better daily. Marketing strategy is yielding anywhere from 4-8 bookings a day which is healthy though I would prefer 6-10 and am working on that too.

We have had some transfers from other clinics which is great, and will be targeting that against incumbents locally to who are not doing a great job at customer experience.

Also got an inbody machine now so have made that integral to client onboarding and periodic checks so that we can look at body composition too and guide on that front. My value prop is that we put a greater duty of care on our clients and we are looking for total wellness journey, not just a revolving door for TRT shots, and that seems to be resonating.

Overall we are in a good spot. Will continue to work on the processes and improvements to the booking and client acquisition methodologies, but everything is going as planned more or less so far.


Sounds fantastic. I would imagine the bookings will sort themselves once word-of-mouth is in play.

Congratulations on a solid opening!

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One of the things that I did when I started TRT was dive deep into the onset of benefits - I was surprised to see that it was 12 months to see total body composition benefits. I forgot where I saw that graphic, but am sure it would be easy to find. It might be beneficial to educate your customer as to the time frames of benefits, what to expect, when - at lest for people new to TRT. That is if you are not already doing that.

That was important to me at least

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Yes definitely, great idea, I can obviously talk to my experience but it’s useful for my staff.

Congrats on the opening. Now go build a referral system

Website is solid

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Did you have anyone proofread your copy?

Yes! That is one of my next steps. We are about to get our first 6 week lab clients so that’s a good timing to start interning referrals, gonna do $25 credit if someone comes for appt, plus $25 off first month for the person who came in and was referred if they sign up