I’m Looking for Cycle Advice

I’m looking for advice on what cycle would be good to go with. And which steroid or if u should use only test or prohormnes can y’all please give me some advice.

What are your stats. Aas are not something to play with if you are a beginner. Your questions indicate you have a lot to learn before jumping in. No offense with that comment, there are lots who come here, and just ate not ready yet.

Yeah I’m a beginner at a cycle and I understand thank you for the advice. That’s why I’m asking to learn more or learn something about it before I begin.

The general advice is testosterone only for first cycles. IMO, you don’t need to be high level, but you should be starting to lift big, it have a physique that is good. It complicates things being over weight.

Thank you I will look into that and is there usually any bad side effects or complications with using test?

There is a whole lot of information you can find from various sources online using Google. If you need people in a forum to spoon feed you basic information then you’re not ready.

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Yes, some men convert a lot of the test to E2, and grow “bitch tits”. Some lose their hair much quicker, some get acne, some get ED, some low or high libido (mine was almost too high), left ventricular hypertrophy in the heart, strain on kidneys, etc…

I get acne and IMO too much libido. I don’t know about some of the other internal sides related to the heart, or other organs. There is nothing for free with AAS. Some pay very little, some pay a lot. Make sure you understand the risks before you use.

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Don’t mean to be an ass but all of the information you could possibly need can be found with a few hours of Googling. You shouldn’t expect to be spoon fed by asking about the most general question one could ask. Do some basic research and then if you have some questions, fine.
And seriously, if you have to ask a question like that you are nowhere near ready for drugs.

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ha ha…sorry…I didn’t read all the posts. Didn’t mean to copy what you said already…almost verbatim too :^ /