I’m Embarrassed by Americans, Disgusted Even

First the LT. governor of Texas says old people should just risk a horrible death for the economy and now Glenn Beck is saying something similar. Glenn Beck said, “I’d rather die than kill the country” from the safety of his home studio. How are people not ashamed to say that older Americans are expendable and outlived their usefulness?

My grandfather was a WW2 vet. He has passed away already but if he were alive I wouldn’t say to him, “thanks for the freedom you risked your life for but what have you done for me lately? I need to go to the movies.”

I know, I hope, this isn’t a sentiment shared by most but it’s not exactly rare. There is something wrong with us at a spiritual level.


Yes there is.


Completely agree with you. Saw a college baseball player somewhere saying if giving up his last year of playing meant he wouldn’t travel/be out in public and possibly cause someone’s child to end up in the hospital and cause their grandparent to die prematurely, he’d be happy to make that sacrifice. I think it’s completely uncommon - most people, when asked, probably wouldn’t say that they don’t care about their or anyone elses’ grandparents, but their actions say otherwise.

Besides making essential grocery store runs at 5am when it’s empty and going to my remaining job for a few hours a week, I’ve stayed home or outside (bike rides). No going to friends’ houses or anything. All of my peers are taking advantage of this time to throw house parties every night. Then they go home and go to stores and some still go to work. Then you see idiots on the internet coughing in strangers’ faces on purpose because they made them angry. And people are traveling! So many people I know either went on lavish spring break trips or are just traveling around the state visiting people, or both.

All in all, I think the amount of selfishness that people have is disgusting. I’m not surprised but it’s really coming to the surface. No one thinks that they should have to sacrifice anything. Staying home, watching Netflix, and eating snacks, something they all said they wished they could do 24/7 a month ago, is now deemed as a punishment and they’re “so bored” just because it’s what’s actually needed right now.

And our wise leader is an idiot, haha. Wants churches packed on Easter, which I’m sure the evangelicals will eat up (and I include myself in that group) because the cure shouldn’t be worse than the problem…like staying home is worse than staying in the ER?


Smh, I live in Texas. Thank you for reminding me, Beck is out there causing my ears to auto mute!

It’s much like War, isn’t it @zecarlo?

You see the best and the worst in humanity…

On a personal level, I’ve also seen a few peoples “true colors” show. Some quite frankly were a surprise…others? Not so much…

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A handful of assholes expose their lousy selves, and all 330 million of us have to bear the cross? Fuck you.


A handful? It’s the LT gov of Texas. How many people already agree with him? How many people WILL agree with him because of who he is?

One observation I have had is that the younger folks seem to care more about the older folks safety than they do. I work in an essential industry, and the older workers take almost 0 precautions. They are all out and about in the peak grocery times not distancing themselves even.

My grandma says she is going out with her friends, and if she dies she is happy she made it to 89.

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She might want to see what dying hooked up to a ventilator looks like.


I agree with you 100%. Well said, brother.

I posted this on the Tactical Life thread this morning, I think it applies here also.

Mike Pannone said it best:

Say thank you … a little verbalized appreciation means a lot to those currently shouldering the thankless burden during these trying times. Every time I go to the grocery store, Home Depot, the auto parts store or sign for a package from UPS, I say “thanks for showing up to work. You’re the ones holding it all together and at least you’ll hear it from one person today … thank you for showing up.” I said that to a young girl bagging my groceries yesterday and she stopped, looked at me with big tearful, glassy blue eyes and said "thank you for saying that … I needed to her something nice today.

" he’s taking 1000%+ higher risk than we are, all while some old, self-entitled a-hole with a truck-stop “I Served” hat on gives her a ration of shit for putting the cheese with the frozen corn. (that’s a true story) Whatever is still on the shelves is there because people you don’t know and (be honest with yourself) sometimes look down on, are standing in the breach … because regardless of age, gender, religion, ethnicity, sexual preference, education and socioeconomic status, they are good and decent people and they are what make America great…and in times of trouble and strife, they step up and make all the difference.*

******“But who now is more important than the trucker who drives 12-hours straight to deliver toilet paper to Costco? Or the mid-level manager of Target who calibrates supply and demand and is on the phone all day juggling deliveries before his store opens? Or the checker at the local supermarket who knows that the hundreds of customers inches away from her pose risks of infection, and yet she ensures that people walk out with food in their carts?”

The Virus is Not Invincible, But It’s Exposing Who’s Irreplaceable

And taking it one step further: If this hasn’t exposed the incompetence of our government: local, state, and especially, federal, I honestly don’t know what will. The Congressional, Senatorial, and Executive branches of our government should hang their heads in shame.


I’ve yelled at my parents a few times. My dad keeps going grocery shopping to “grab a few things”, or to “see if anything looked good”. 67 years old, bay area, both are currently sick with mild flu symptoms.

I feel like older folks are just so stuck in routine that they don’t adapt well to anything new.


Trump has the highest approval rating of his term right now. I think he has screwed the pooch on nearly everything regarding the corona virus. It just makes no damn sense to me. I am thinking many people are putting economy over health?

I should have added it’s not just a callous attitude towards the elderly but towards those who are risking exposure for the benefit of all of us.

My parents at 62 are in the same boat. Pretty upset they can’t go to church.

America is doing fine. The problem is the commander in chief. He’s an idiot who cannot be trusted to have the nations interests at heart. I say this as an outsider looking in.

I can’t stand Boris Johnson and his party but I have to say he has grown into this job in dealing with this crisis. I applaud them through gritted teeth. Trump though, I’m sorry to say is a huge disappointment. He’s just a ‘beautiful’ idiot and is letting his nation down. I suppose that’s what happens when a television personality without a moral compass gets the top job.

I feel for the average American who is doing a great job.


Unfortunately, I think that will change once the numbers of dead go up and the images of people in the hospitals start becoming more common.

What you’re seeing is a generation (perhaps several) who have never been told ‘no’ and having a meltdown over it.

They’ll learn soon that comfortable lives can be illusory. I concur with your final sentiment as well, we are spiritually sick.


I 100% agree with this. Under normal circumstances, can’t stand the guy. But I think he’s handling this admirably.


Glenn Beck is a grade A moron of the highest level. He spent years circling things on a chalkboard on fox to link Obama to Hitler, Jeffery Dahmer, and Satan himself.

How often has he said stuff about being pro-life? I knew many of these people were full of shit because they care about the unborn but not the born. Once they are out fuck them. Don’t let that shit raise my taxes. Now it’s don’t let anyone get in the way of stock prices. It’s not embarrassing. It’s expected behavior from massive ignorant hypocrites.


Patrick, 69, made the comments during a appearance with host [Tucker Carlson]

**“You know, Tucker, no one reached out to me and said, ‘As a senior citizen, are you willing to take a chance on your survival in exchange for keeping the America that all America loves for your children and grandchildren?’” Patrick said. “And if that’s the exchange, I’m all in.”

“I just think there are lots of grandparents out there in this country like me ― I have six grandchildren ― that what we all care about and what we love more than anything are those children,” he said. “And I want to, you know, live smart, and see through this, but I don’t want the whole country to be sacrificed.”