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I’m Doing 2500 Burpees For Charity

I have been sickened by reading these weekly stories in the UK, about children being murdered by the people who should be protecting them most

Their parents

The Star Hobson story in the UK was the last straw. I was moved to tears as I have a wee girl a few months older. The suffering that wee girl went through chilled me to the bone.

These stories have been happening in the UK however I’m sure my international brothers and sisters will understand how these heinous crimes are worldwide

On New Years Day, I plan to complete 2500 burpees. All cash raised will go to the NSPCC

I would greatly appreciate if any of my fellow T-Nation brethren would make a donation and help these defenceless children


Bump for anyone who wants to put in some cash for a good cause

Great cause buddy :+1:


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Thanks @kd13 mate

And thanks for the donation too

I know a guy who knows a guy. Hope it helps stir some attention.

Badass that you’re doing this. Make sure you tag the charity on IG or where ever else you’re posting it to spread the word even more. Hashtags are perfect for this exact thing.


Thank you as always @Chris_Colucci my man. You’ve been a great help to me and it’s truly appreciated


Great cause and can’t wait to see you smash this one. Already donated mate now just getting the popcorn ready to start watching :sunglasses:

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Absolutely incredible work my dude.

Amazing this hasn’t been bumped

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I know mate. Quite surprised but hey ho

Maybe if I posted a push pull split then it would have got more traction :joy:

I am shot to shit btw

Make it a six day PPLPPL and you’ll go viral.

I’m not even going to pretend I watched 5 hours of burpees, but even on a fast forward it was easy to see how difficult this was.

Fantastic effort mate.

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Well done buddy :clap:

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