I Lucked Up With a Brick Mailbox

Past weekend I was leaving a friendly get together. It was late, and I was a bit tired and a little less cognizant of my surroundings. As I was backing my truck outta the driveway, my driver side was a bit close to my buddies mailbox so I wasn’t able to cut my tires to the right.

Once I was outta his driveway, I cut my tires a bit and proceeded to back on out…in the process knocking over a 1200 LB brick mailbox on the opposite side of the street with my bumper. Basically, I got lucky and didn’t bust it up, just pushed it over.

Any idea how many guys it’ll take to pick this badboy back up? The owner and my friend had a good laugh about it the next day. My bumper looks pretty rough. It’s a Happy Monday.