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I Love You Man


Went and saw an advanced screening of it last night. Freaking hilarious, maybe the most laugh out loud moments that i've heard from a movie since "40 year old virgin"

Stars Paul Rudd and Jason Segal, but the cameos will knock you on your ass.

Lots of people from The State,Reno 911,Upright Citizens Brigade,Human Giant, and SNL. Rashida Jones is freaking cute btw, and Jamie Presley holds her own as well.

Couple more thoughts.

Jon Favereau plays a great asshole. The way I wrote that makes is sounds like he "plays" the asshole like an instrument, either way, its true.

Lou Ferrigno....His best acting since Pumping Iron.

Bob Chicarello, has a great cameo, even though im the only one in the packed audience who recognized him, i totally shouted out "holy shit, its chic !"

Quite a bit of gym humor, Andy Samberg plays a gay personal trainer at a trendy LA gym, and they basically mock that kind of gym and the fact that Samberg could even be a trainer.

Great movie, Paul Rudd is on a freakin role.


I'm a pretty big fan of both Paul Rudd and Jason Segel, so I'm excited for this. Can't wait!


Excellent! This movie looks fucking brilliant.

I love these new brand of comedies - The Appatow era. Good stuff.

To think that just a few years ago we were stuck with Eurotrip... Freddy Got Fingered... Not Another Teen Movie.


I was sold when I saw the new commercial with Ferrigno in it.


Yeah, amen to that!


Funny, a co-worker of mine was just talking to me about Disaster Movie and I was telling him I just can't get into those comedies ... I don't think they're very funny ... it's the same redundant joke in all those spoof movies.

When I first saw a preview for I love you man i got a little excited ... I think Paul Rudd's hilarious and Jason Segal was awesome in Sarah Marshall and he's good on How I met your mother too. It's gonna be a good one ... thanks for the review WS4JB ... now i'm looking forward to it more


Fuck those spoof movies and fuck anyone who finds them funny. Honestly, they are bottom-of-the-barrel cinematic abortions. The people who seem to find them funny are the same people who see a preview for something like Crank 2 and talk loudly about how "tight" it looks while doing that hand-flick snapping thing.


I thought it was hilarious to think that someone would try punching Ferrigno in the face. His jaw looks like a damn anvil.


Crank 2? I just went on Google to check it out and damn. How could I have missed that? The first one was really good, can't wait for this one. Although the story got a little silly.


oh yea the story a little silly? How about the end of the first crank when Jason fell thousands of feet onto a car and still lived, now that is silly!!

I love you man, should be a fun laugh.


Fuck, I hope you are kidding. Crank was absolute garbage on every level. I appreciate balls-to-the-wall action, but when said action isn't any good, then what's the point?

X2 regarding Jason Segel being good in How I Met Your Mother. It's one of the few current sitcoms I can watch, and it's 50% due to him... with the other 50% attributed to NPH.