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I love 'unusual' people...

Friends, please…please do yourselves a favor. Visit this site. It is just some of the craziest stuff I’ve ever seen. I…I don’t even know what to say. Just go.


Thank me later.

John, please tell me you own one of his “Be a Pixie” t-shirts.

At least you won’t see these guys doing curls in the squat-rack. I guess that is were the chicks are. I have been looking in the gym to long.

Which brings us to our next question…

What the hell were you doing on that website in the first place?!?

PS I feel bad for the guys on that site. After those pictures were taken their t-levels probably went down to like 0.2 ng/dl…then down to -300 after they saw the picture on the internet for everybody to see.

The Running Fairies are the best.

I am definitely going to order a “be a pixie” t-shirt and wear it on deadlift day. It’ll be super!

As for what I was doing there, it’s just one of those internet ‘pass-it-along’ sites that a friend sent me (and I sent to everyone I know). Kind of like realultimatepower and the like. So…pass it along!

The end of time is upon us.


Don’t those people have jobs?

I guess that’s what endless aerobics and little pink dumbells will do to you…

Sure Roman. One of those it’s just one of those internet ‘pass-it-along’ sites that a friend sent me. Uh-huh.

I’m not buying it. I know they just haven’t posted your picture yet. Nice try, but you’re fooling no one. It would be best to commit Seppuku with a frisbee. Own up dude.

While this site is cool, realultimatepower and zombo.com p-own it’s ass.

Haha here at tmag we dont even post our faces on the photo forum most of the time… and these guys have no shame!! haha


No way Ike! A fairy would take a ninja any day! But wait, how cool would a ninja fairy be?

Ike, what’s Zombo.com? I went there and all it said was Zombo.com/ Please elaborate. Thanks bro.

One of my new favorite sites. For anyone who played RBI baseball on Nintendo. It brings a tear to my eye.