I Love To Workout More Than Anything

Congrats. You don’t have the sickness. Being age related is a myth for the truly sick.

Different levels of love is all.

I got a kid. I would crawl through broken glass for them.

I got a dog. I love that dog…but not that much, haha.


I’m not sure “willing” is the best word to express that. I’ve done both, but would never state that I willingly tore my muscles or ruptured my tendon.

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Nah. You’re maximizing ROI - mathematically approved.

Serious question - what do you think is making the difference here?


I know for a fact that if I’m really excited about something/in a better state of mind, then it plays a part on my physical abilities.

I guess I am very driven in that regard. I remember I went to a world-class athlete powerlifting gym one year ago, to test my maxes. The day before I went out to a festival, drank a few beers and danced until 5 am. I spent an incredible night, but obviously this is terrible for your body. Well I beat my PR on the bench and deadlift.

Also, the supertotal sessions were all full body: this induces more fatigue than just chest and tris. And the leg days on the unity were beyond brutal, as you know: EIGHT exercises, some of them beyond failure (BSS of Death 3 weeks in a row :face_vomiting:)

I was also probably not feeling as good and happy back then.


Dude, they were awful. I’m with you. Unity was freaking tough

This has been pointed out by CT: find a program that you’re excited to do and you’ll have better results. It doesn’t mean it’s a “better” program than others, but you’ll be more likely to put in strong efforts and expect results (I also believe in the mental aspect).

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Lol, do a google image search for “Tanner Shuck”. He’s absolutely shredded. And he does CrossFit stuff, so it definitely falls under the category of “miserable.”

There are people who genuinely enjoy crawling through caves that are so small they are scraping their bodies just to make it through, and the very thought of that makes me want to curl up into a ball and cry.

I’m in the “I hate hard training” camp, but to suggest that someone loving their training or even loving the pain associated with it means that they’re not doing it right is pretty silly.


Difference between addiction and love. Maybe brain damage and no fear response. Cant tell you.

Yesterday it was dont train like a pussy. Today it was I love to workout.

I remember a few (including you) expressing a similar sentiment in another thread and now we have this…

Continuing the discussion from About the Pharma category:

You are welcome to your opinion. Thanks for sharing.

I got no problem being in the minority. Thank me later. Or not.

I considered this WAY too literally, because obviously my son and my dog are on different levels… buuuuut I think I’d crawl through glass for both. Not sure what, exactly, is the line I would cross for one and not the other, this just doesn’t happen to be it, lol.


These aren’t mutually exclusive. Some people genuinely enjoy that type of struggle.

You are telling him he’s “doing it wrong”, and if his physique is the metric by which we judge that, he is objectively not.

He’s just doing it differently, and feels differently. I still feel how I feel about it, but I would never tell somebody who looks awesome that they’re doing it wrong. I would just say:

And I genuinely don’t know what I’d be thanking you for, haha.

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I used to make fun of crossfit, as the culture and workouts seemed lame. I joined a CF gym this year, and it’s really changed my zest for training. The WODs can really, really suck, but something about doing them as a community makes it feel less like a check-the-box workout routine and more like a sport and friendly competition. I was also pleasantly surprised by the programmed barbell strength work that is usually done before that day’s WOD, and the quality of the coaches. I imagine some of this is gym-specific, but the one I joined has been great.


I understand. No worries.

I’m glad I’m not the only one who read his post and thought “ya know, I probably would do that for this damn mutt” lol


Haha same here man. I wouldn’t sacrifice my life for her, that’s too far. But I’ll get some stitches for her.

@flappinit I got to this thread a couple days too late to suggest the image search before you beat me to it. Dude’s a beast, and, some people just enjoy doing weird shit. You ever hear about the Nutty Putty cave incident? Makes my skin crawl just thinking about it.

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Nope, hadn’t heard of it but sounds like one of the worst ways to die, now that I read it.

Check this video out, lol. This guy is insane, does this all the time, and loves it. It’s just pure anxiety for me to watch it.


The best analogy in my own personal experience was jumping out of planes. Some folks absolutely loved it. I hated every moment, but I had to do it to do the jobs I wanted.

I don’t hate working out; I actually enjoy it. That said, I also don’t choose training styles or programs that don’t appeal to me, even if they may be potentially better for me.


Nothing will ever top this regardless of the dude missing a critical portion of his brain function.

Thanks for the video.

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I can’t watch that video, it bothers me so much

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The thumbnail is enough for me, don’t even need to start playing it haha.