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my best deadlift before 531 was 280 kg in a comp. i trained very heavy , sets of 1-5 reps and with variations . after switching to 531 and changing my paused reps to clean touch and go reps my comp deads is now @ 305 kg with same bodyweight 111 kg . my heaviest trainingweights before a meet is 260-270 kg for 8-10 reps on my 531 weeks .

so let me and others know how your weights went up please !!!

I started 531 mainly to break a bench plateau back at the end of August. I have seen drastic improvement in a short time. Best 2 rep set went from 295 to 315. Even got 305 for 3 reps. 225 reps went from 12 to 16. Best comp lift went from 130kg to 135kg and that was a month ago. Body weight has stayed constant at 150. One thing I notice though is that I am always sore after my workouts. Never felt that way before 531.

how was your training before ?

[quote]xolix wrote:
how was your training before ?
I will admit it wasn’t the most structured, but would usually every other week do 8,6,4,2 at 225,245,265,285. Sometimes I could squeeze 3 on the last set. Would do 15,12,10,8 at 155,185,205,225 or 10,8,6,4 at 205,225,245,265. Sometimes I would do three or four sets of 5, at varying weights. I even did heavy negatives up to 375 lbs. even after that, could never get 300 for 2 reps. My fourth cycle of 531 I hit 300 for 3.