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I Love Professor X Thread


Am I the only one seeing the inner child in him? And look at those big and innocent eyes of him? How can you hate that?
I want this thread to be a huge love fest dedicated to the Prof. A massive virtual hug to his inner child!

Let's the love begin!

(No homo)






The Professor X?


This is like "The Jeffersons" to the other thread's "All in the Family".


Yeah. Like The Google.



My englich sukz!


Well what kind of stuff does he like?

Are you waiting for him to give you a hug in your avi?


Last time I looked at this thread it was only the first two posts, I was hoping no one else would comment purely for the comedic value.




you guys are so mean!


Ya know, Professor X and the Prophet Mohammed are kind of the same. In that, if you ever post a picture of them online in a humorous manner, a massive shitstorm ensues with supporters going on long rants trying to defend them.

Lame I know, but it's the morning...



I will say that if he is going to seriously cut down it would be a loss for this forum to miss it because he's out.


I thought the thread was called "I love the Professor X Thread" meaning that the OP loved that thread that's going nuts about the Professor X meme????


I love that horrible movie loving bastard. Hope he comes back soon.

Plus, the BJLA is not the same without Superman. Shit, come to think of it were missing Batman(Lewhitehurst), The Flash(Wolbarret), and Martian Manhunter(460). It seems the Legion of Doom is up to it's old nefarious schemes.


Damn. You're right, PT. What's up with that? Blacks are leaving the T-Nation.


I honestly have no clue, other than the trend of shitty forum posts and some bickering, there was usually a solid amount of "blacks" on this site. I think there must have been a group hiatus memo that I must have missed.


And what about that girl Nikki(then some numbers)?


I have to admit, I'm often not sure who is black around here.