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I Love OVT!

I’m 4 weeks in to OVT and the results are nothing short of amazing. (also been eating a ton)

I have gained 13 lbs in 4 weeks and my waist is not that much bigger. I’m sure a lot of it is water weight but it’s still impressive. Some guys at the gym told my buddy “that guy looks way bigger” and I do.

Every lift has gone up between 20 and 40 pounds and there’s plenty more coming where that came from. I know that I’ll be beating all of my lifts next week.

The one drawback is that I end up training for 1.5 hours but the results are well worth it. I could try to shorten my rest periods but I’d rather focus on keeping the weights up.

I know Thibs recommended 4 weeks and then switching to new exercises for another 4 weeks but I’m going to stay with these until the weights stop going up.

So I just wanted to say thanks to Thibs and recommend OVT for someone looking for a new routine that will kick your ass.


Are you a begginer (how much time have you’ve been training for)?

If I’m not mistaken (sorry if I am), Thib has better programs that he’ll recommend over OVT, since he gained much more knowledge in the past few years after introducing OVT. I’m not saying that OVT is not a great program because it is, and it seems to work well with you so congrats!

[quote]Player wrote:
Are you a begginer (how much time have you’ve been training for)?[/quote]

Just got home from the bar…might ramble

well my join date to T-Nation is 2005 which is when I stopped being a totally sedentary skinny fat desk jockey. Since then I’ve read almost every article past and present on this site, but lacked the motivation and training experience to put it all in to practice.

I’d say I’ve only really been training seriously for a year and only been eating enough to actually make strength gains for about a month.

Now that I’m eating for size and strength it’s like a light went on and everything that I’ve been reading for 3 years was really made clear.

For about two years now I’ve been around 170 lbs and 10-12% bodyfat (rough estimates). A better body than the average person by far but in reality it’s a fucking joke.

To address the other comment about OVT being out of favor…I read the same thing but I’ve been looking for a body part split (never done one) with higher volume (been doing 5x5) and it fit the bill perfectly.

Now, I know that most of my gains are due to the food I’ve been eating (doubled caloric intake) but I absolutely love doing the OVT workout. It is intense and I make it life or death to beat the logbook from last week (hello Doggcrapp…I’ll see you in two years)

I made very good gains using OVT years back also. Used it while dieting down and still gained a few lbs of muscle plus it hardened me up a lot, which made me look nice and dense when all the fat came off.

And Doggcrapp is awesome. Good for you for waiting the right amount of time before doing it, unlike so many others. Dante would be happy with you right now.