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I Love Netflix, But Come On


This really pisses me off. Raising the prices i think it said 60%. I got the email from them this morning that told me not to worry theyll just start billing me extra without having to resign up!!! Wow thanks netflix youre the best!!!!





We just discussed this in the geek shit thread..and it is actually LESS if you choose one or the other.

I just signed up for the stream only plan for only 7.99 a month.

I watch TONS of movies.


this is horse shit. redbox here i come


Just signed up for Netflix after X schooled me in the Geek thread.


Holy shit dude I'm totally on board with you on this.

They bumped my subscription last December and they're doing it again now. Motherfuckers.

With work, school, family, travel, and the like Netflix has become my only consistent source of entertainment and I didn't feel bad about it at all because the price was nice.

Now their heads gettin big or something?

I think I'm going to drop the DVD/Blu-ray delivery, now that it's 9.99 a month I need to recieve and send back a lot of disks in order to get my money's worth. Over the last three months I've watched and sent back 4 DVD's. That works out to about 7.50 per rental. Not worth it.




How many do they send at a time Brad? We watch at least 4-5 movies a week easy. We dont watch TV.


I'll be cancelling my Netflix due to this increase.

Their streaming library still sucks, so I won't pay for streaming alone. The reason why I keep their service now is because whatever they don't have on streaming, I order on DVD. I'm not paying $16 for this shit though. It's not worth it for me.

I live 5 blocks from the local supermarket. I'll be getting redbox exclusively from now on. If I'm too lazy, I'll order a $4 movie from FIOS.


Me either. That is why I am behind on current events...I just don't give a shit anymore. I would rather go home and watch whatever the fuck I want with no commercials.

For me, I don't rent out enough dvds to justify that expense, but Netflix has a shit load of movies ready for instant streaming.


exactly. They already raised the prices a few months ago.

$20 bucks a month for for unlimited DVDs with 2 at a time... thats 20 redbox movies. You dont have to wait for them to get delivered. I'm not watching more than 20 DVD's a month and I dont know many people that do


X... dont you think that their instant stream sucks?

They dont have any good new movies on there. I have it now and only used it to watch seasons of Arrested Development


QFT, that is so me. I dont know how many times someone asks me about the Storm in the gulf or about our new Gay Major and I am how the fuck should I know.




I watch more instant view than anything else, but a new release movie is a good option to have and I didn't mind letting one sit for awhile until I had time for it.

But I don't want to be tied to a process because I want to get my money's worth. Know what I mean? I know how my brain works and before too long I'll postpone outings and (daresay) workouts because I need to watch a movie and get it back in the mail.


The best 2 things about their online streaming were current episodes od Spartacus and they've got a shitload of top gear episodes. Anytime I wanted to see a new movie I'd have to go to redbox anyway or have them mail the DVD. I can't remember ever doing a search for a new movie I wanted to see and it being available on streaming.


oh yeah they dont stream any new movies until they get on Starz (i believe) because they have a deal with them... thats why the Spartacus episodes were all on there.


Our mayor is gay?


See the wife and I work out at 4 in the morning during the week, evenings I am home by 4:30 pm. So we watch movies together in the evenings, if she is working I play video games. That is working around taking kids to cheer and guitar lessons.

Weekends most afternoons we watch movies, work out and church in the morning and evening we go out with friends or they come to our house to watch movies.

So for me having the mail in movies for the weekends and in the evening streaming movies is a bonus.
Plus both the wife and I like watching old movies and movies we may have seen a bunch of times.


Dude, my interests are "scary movies, action movies, lifting weights and sex". Yes, I do just fine with their instant streaming. I've watched every non-blockbuster horror movies worth seeing on it.

It depends on your interests.